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‘Gone Girl’ Projected To Top US Box Office For Second Week | Film News

  Well the update is in from last night (October 10), and it looks as though Amazing Amy has met her foe, was knocked off the top of the box office takings by Dracula Untold, albeit for one day. On Friday, Dracula Untold raked in $8.9 million on its first day at the theatres. This just triumphed over the thriller[…]

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‘The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death’ Teaser Terrifies Horror Junkies | Film News

  Are you ready for the return of The Woman in Black? No, me either. Gulp. The murderous ghoul is back and with a tag line of; “She Never Forgives. She Never Forgets. She Never Left”, I’m quaking in my boots. The new movie welcomes a brand spanking new cast of characters for The Woman in Black to toy with,[…]

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Could Brainiac Be New ‘Justice League’ Villain | Film News

  Exciting news for DC fans, with the Justice League movie blowing full steam ahead, the next rumour to hit the internet is that crazed villain Braniac, may just be the guy to take down some of our favorite heroes. According to Latino Review, Brainiac will be the next big boss in the Justice League world, as well as The[…]

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‘August: Osange County’ Actress Misty Upham Reported Missing | Film News

  Misty Upham, star of films such as August: Osage County and upcoming film Cake, was reported missing this week by her family. The actress was reported missing on October 6 by her father. Upham was last seen leaving her sisters apartment near Auburn, Washington, on Monday. It is believed that she is taking medication for a mental health issue.[…]

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Nick Broomfield Talks ‘Tales Of The Grim Sleeper’ Documentary | Film News

  Having consistently appeared in his films now since 1988, documentarian Nick Broomfield has become an iconic figure in non fiction film making. Best known for directing true crime documentaries such as Biggie & Tupac and Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer, Broomfield follows subjects that have ‘celebrity’ status allowing his style of filmmaking to become an investigation[…]

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