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‘Bad Santa’ Sequel Begins Shooting This Autumn | Film News

  Bad Santa first came out 12 years ago and the sequel is finally on its way, with original star Billy Bob Thornton is set to return as the drunken Santa with director Doug Ellin coming back to helm the project. During a recent interview, Ellin said, “he’s back and good to go, The exact status is we’re working on[…]

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‘Project X’ Sequel To Be Released In August 2016 | Film News

  The sequel to the outrageous 2012 comedy film Project X have now been officially green lit, and given a release date. The new film is called Project XX but nothing else is known about the film, Maybe the film will follow the boys from the last film or might just be a complete new story with new characters. No[…]

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Gaspar Noe’s ‘Love’ Is ‘Lost In A Limbo’ According To The Hollywood Reporter | Film News

  Earlier this week at the Cannes Festival, audiences flocked to see the highly anticipated Gaspar Noe film Love – I assume most of them would have known they were going to spend over two hours watching people have lots of sex, but for the ones that went to the premiere without this vital bit of information: Did you not[…]

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Chris Pratt Opens Up About Marvel Contract | Film News

  Guardians Of The Galaxy star Chris Pratt recently revealed his contract details with Marvel and it’s interesting. Speaking to GQ, Pratt said “I’m tied to do three more, or five more ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ or whatever it is, you know two more ‘Guardians’ plus another couple“. This means he will most probably show up in Avengers Infinity War[…]

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Marvel Wants Matthew McConaughey For Norman Osborn In ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot | Film News

  Oscar Award winning actor Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club) recently revealed that he has been reading scripts for Marvel and DC, but one of those scripts is rumoured to be for the new Spider-Man film as the famous villain Norman Osborn. The film is already rumoured to have Asa Butterfield as the young web-shooter himself, Asa is meant to[…]

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