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Oscar Awards 2015 – Who Should Win | Film News

  This year, the 87th academy award ceremony comes to you live from Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre in Los Angles on February 22. Comedic actor Neil Patrick Harris will be your host, and what a talent this man is, his opening for the 82nd academy Awards in 2010 is the perfect reference, just YouTube it, it’s great. With that confirmed then,[…]

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BAFTA Awards 2015 – Winners List | Film News

  2014 brought us some stellar performances and some outstanding films. From The Imitation Game to Boyhood, last year’s film scene was red hot and before we knew it, the coveted BAFTAs had arrived and with it came glamour, glitz and some serious talent. With the best of British, talent from across the pond and knock-out performers from across the[…]

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Ian McKellen Stars In First Clip Of Bill Condon’s ‘Mr. Holmes’ | Film News

  I can’t think of anybody I’d rather see play an aging Sherlock Holmes over Ian McKellen, so it’s a pretty good job he’s starring in Bill Condon‘s new Mr.Holmes and it’s even better that there’s a new clip! Based on the novel A Slight Trick of The Mind, the story will focus on the later years of retired Holmes[…]

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Mr. Grey Shows ‘Play Room’ In New ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Clip | Film News

  As Valentines Day looms closer, so does the release of kinky ‘mummy-porn’ movie 50 Shades Of Grey and in its anticipation, a new clip has been released. There have already been a few steamy trailers of Mr. Grey and Ana Steele getting hot and heavy, now the detailed clips are making their rounds and in the latest, Christian Grey,[…]

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Danny Boyle’s ‘Steve Jobs’ Gets October 2015 Release Date | Film News

  With its studio drops and casting changes, Danny Boyle‘s new biopic Steve Jobs finally got its official casting last month, giving fans the green light to officially get excited for Boyle’s next project. Things are going so well now that the flick has got its official release date, confirmed by a Tweet from Jeff Sneider. The film will be[…]

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