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Marvel Announces Thor Will Be A Woman In New Comics | Film News

  Marvel Comics, home to superheroes such as Spider Man, Captain America and Iron Man, has announced that Thor will now be a woman in future comic books. On Thor’s hammer, is an inscription which is says “whoever holds this hammer, if worthy, shall possess the power of Thor“. The writer of the comics Jason Aaron has said, “this is[…]

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt As Daredevil Philippe Petit On Set Of ‘The Walk’ | Film News

  Joseph Gordon-Levitt has released an image which sees him as daredevil Philippe Petit on the set for The Walk. Gordon-Levitt stars in the biopic as Petit who walks on a high-wire between the two World Trade Centre towers in New York. He and seven people managed to get past security to execute the stunt. The film is based on[…]

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Anthony Hopkins To Star In Upcoming Thriller ‘Solace’ | Film News

  Legendary actor Anthony Hopkins is set to star in an upcoming thriller film Solace. Originally promoted as a sequel to the film Se7en starring Josh Hartnett, it will now be a completely separate film. The plot shows psychic doctor John Clancy help the FBI (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to hunt down a serial killer. Ted Griffin who worked on the[…]

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‘Fast And Furious 7’ Completes Filming In Time For Spring 2015 Release | Film News

  Fast and Furious 7 has officially finished filming all of its scenes. Paul Walker a leading character in the film franchise unfortunately passed away earlier this year. Walker’s brothers and CGI effects helped to finish filming for his scenes. Director James Wan released a heartfelt statement commenting on the filming process without Walker and other members of the cast.[…]

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Zoe Saldana Reveals Inspiration Behind Gamora’s Look In ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ | Film News

  Zoe Saldana revealed that she told the crew on the film that she wanted Gamora to appeal to teenage boys. The actor admitted that she wanted her character to be viewed as pretty. Some media outlets believe she did this as she believes they are the target audience for the film. She said, “that’s usually a thing that I[…]

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