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A Sneak Peak At ‘Jurassic World’ Indominus Rex | Film News

  Tyrannosaurus-who? Up and coming Colin Trevorrow flick Jurassic World has a new villain in the form of the terrifying Indominus Rex! Some new art work of the pre-historic monster has emerged and gives a very small sneak peek of what Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard have to deal with in the highly anticipated movie.   This isn’t a[…]

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Ernie Hudson Performs Complete Turnaround On ‘Ghostbusters’ Female Cast | Film News

  It seems that everybody has an opinion on the new Ghostbusters 3 female line up and this week we reported on what Ghostbuster alumni Dan Aykroyd had to say about the reboot cast. Well, it seems Aykroyd’s not the only former Ghostbuster that has a thing or two to say about director Paul Feig‘s choice to hire an all[…]

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Matthew McConaughey To Star In ‘Born To Run’ Adaptation | Film News

  Interstellar star Matthew McConaughey seems to have bagged another big role in an adaptation of Christopher McDougall‘s 2009 best-selling book Born To Run: A  Hidden Tribe, Super Athletes, and The Greatest Race The World Has Ever Seen. With Matthew Michael Carnahan adapting a script, Born To Run tells McDougall’s journey to find members of the Tarahumara Indian Tribe in[…]

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Dan Aykroyd Comments On ‘Ghostbusters’ All-Female Cast | Film News

  Paul Feig‘s plans to reboot the famous Ghostbusters franchise was met with skepticism as soon as the idea became public knowledge, and when the line up of confirmed actresses was announced this week, the reaction was less than positive. The brilliant Kristen Wigg, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon will be donning the ghostbusting uniforms under Feig’s helm![…]

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Christine Taylor Confirms Return For ‘Zoolander’ Sequel | Film News

  After a lot of rumours and changes, Zoolander 2 finally got the green light back in November with the casting of Vicky Christina Barcelona actress Penelope Cruz. There have been little details since, but with this latest bit of casting news, the movie seems to be making a slow but happy journey to production. Good news for fans of[…]

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