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‘Bridesmaids’ Chris O’Dowd Signs To WME | Film News

  Fantastic news for Irish born Chris O’Dowd as news breaks that he’s been signed to mega American talent agency WME. This is most definitely the highlight of O’Dowd’s career as of yet as this will open a world of opportunities across the pond for the Bridesmaids actor.   Starting his career on British TV as slightly moody IT consultant[…]

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Kevin Hart’s ‘The Wedding Ringer’ To Debut In January 2015 | Film News

  The Wedding Ringer is coming to a cinema near us soon! Kevin Hart has teamed up with Will Packer Productions again for another hilarious blockbuster! The funny film follows Jimmy Callahan (Hart) as an owner of a wedding company providing best man services for socially awkward guys who have no one else to be their best man. The Big[…]

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Shooting For Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’ Has Begun | Film News

  There’s been serious hype behind Tarantino’s latest movie The Hateful Eight and considering a year ago, the cult master had reportedly threatened to drop the project after a script leak, it’s come a long way. Now it seems that filming has finally begun with this cheeky snap from Samuel L. Jackson’s Twitter page.   With an insane cast of[…]

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Disney Plans New ‘Star Wars’ Theme Park Attractions Based On New Movies Only | Film News

  Like the hype of Star Wars Episode VIIcould be any bigger, Disney’s only gone and decided to extend their theme park to involve brand new Star Wars rides. While Disney has always had a partnership with Lucasfilm via the Star Tours attractions, this would definitely solidify their professional relationship.   When Disney Chief Bob Iger spoke to Variety, he[…]

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Jonathan Frakes In Talks To Direct ‘Star Trek 3’ | Film News

  After recent news that Robert Orci would not be directing the third Star Trek movie, Paramount was supposedly on the hunt for the ‘right director’ for the project. Could they possible have found it in TV director and former Star Trek actor, Jonathan Frakes? According to KOMO News Frakes recently reported that he’d already approached J.J Abrams about the[…]

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