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Robin William’s Children Lead Tribute To Him At World Series | Film News

  After the sad passing of sensational actor and comedian Robin Williams, many are still offering their own tributes and now the children of the great actor have made their own tribute at the World Series in San Francisco. As the World Series kicked off this week, the children of Robin Williams took to centre field with friend of Williams,[…]

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‘Batman And Robin’ Sequel To Be Released As Comic Book Series | Film News

  Fans of the caped crusader, Batman, are going to be completely torn with the news that Joel Schumacher is revisiting this much loved character by writing a Batman and Robin sequel – this time, in comic book form. It’s been reported that Schumacher has enlisted the help of Dustin Nguyen, to draw said sequel and plans to make it[…]

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Nolan Brothers Will Not Be Involved In Upcoming DC Universe Movies | Film News

  The DC Universe is set to be expanded upon at Warner Brothers Films. When you think DC movies, the first thing that usually comes to your mind is Dark Knight, “Why so serious?” and being born in the darkness. The two you have to thank for this is of course the Nolan Brothers (Christopher and Jonathon Nolan), and sadly[…]

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‘The Lego Movie 2’ To Be Written By Phil Lord And Chris Miller | Film News

  Film duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller have signed on to write the script for the greatly anticipated LEGO Movie sequel! The LEGO Movie grossed nearly $470 million worldwide and went down a storm with both critics and fans alike so there was no surprise that Warner Bros gave the green light for both a sequel and various spin[…]

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Berlin Wall Drama ‘The Tunnels’ To Be Directed By Paul Greengrass | Film News

  The Bourne Supremacy, United 93, Green Zone, Captain Phillips – Paul Greengrass has some major hits under his belt so it’s brilliant news that he’s attached to the new Berlin Wall drama The Tunnels. The film will be based on Greg Mitchell’s book proposal about the untold story of West Germans who, with the help of American News Networks,[…]

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