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Conversations About Her

‘The Guest’ Starring Dan Stevens Out Now In UK Cinemas | Film News

  From ITV’s Downton Abbey to the silver screen (although not for the first time). Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley – Downton Abbey & Gilbert Evans – Summer In February) takes on the role of ‘David’ in Simon Barrett’s The Guest. ‘David’ a 20 something soldier introduces himself to the Peterson family, explaining he’s an old friend of their son who[…]

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‘Finding Fela’ Documentary In Cinemas Now | Film News

  Many things come to mind when people talk about the late Nigerian musician Fela Kuti: legend, activist, father of Afrobeat, rebel. It is no wonder then that interest in Fela has risen over the years, especially with the sudden popularity of modern day Afrobeats; all the ‘Wizkids’ and ‘Olamides’ of today have in one way or another inherited their[…]

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‘Nervous Breakdown’ Caused Charlie Hunnam To Leave ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ | Film News

  It was just last year that British actor Charlie Hunnam announced he would be stepping down as the lead role in Sam Taylor-Johnson’s feature length adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, and although stating previously that a hectic film schedule led to his departure, the Sons of Anarchy star has now admitted that a “nervous breakdown” also contributed to[…]

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Eddie Redmayne Describes Hawking Story As ‘Extraordinary’ | Film News

  Actor Eddie Redmayne stars as the famous physicist Stephen Hawking in the upcoming film Theory of Everything. The Les Miserables star said to BBC News: “To tell a story as extraordinary as this and depict someone as charismatic, brilliant and funny as Stephen was totally the dream. But with it came high stakes so it was a mixture of[…]

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‘Blackfish’ Producers Announce Documentary On New York City Rats | Film News

  Yes, you heard right. Rats. Producers of the critically acclaimed and controversial documentary Blackfish are back again, but are now setting their sights above sea level to a creature much closer to home. Dakota Group and Submarine, the people also behind Academy Awarding winning documentary The Cove, announced on Sunday at the Toronto Film Festival they have optioned the[…]

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