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Conversations About Her

Eli Roth To Produce ‘Cabin Fever’ Remake | Film News

  When Eli Roth’s debut film, Cabin Fever, hit theaters back in 2002, audiences went nuts over the gore-filled, twisted story of five college grads who find themselves victims of a vicious flesh eating virus and the unwanted attention of homicidal locals. It looks like Roth just didn’t get enough of this sick story as he’s going to be the[…]

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‘Back To The Future’ Hoverboard Goes For £26,700 At Auction | Film News

  GREAT SCOT! At an auction in Vue Cinema in London last night, Marty McFly’s famous hoverboard was sold for a staggering £26,700, along with other famous movie props. The classic pink Hasbro hoverboard that Marty used to escape from Griff Tannen in Back to the Future Part 2 was estimated at £15,000, but eventually sold for almost twice as[…]

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New ‘Halloween’ Movie Script Almost Completed | Film News

  As Halloween closes in, millions will have their horror classics at the ready, ranging from Night of the Living Dead, right through to The Shining. The most obvious watch though is John Carpenter’s indie slasher Halloween, which brought serial killer Michael Myers to an iconic status. If you are an avid fan of the horror classic, then it will[…]

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Disney Unveils ‘Moana’ Concept Art And Release Date | Film News

  After blowing audiences away with Frozen, Disney is taking to the sea with a new CG-animated feature titled Moana. Walt Disney Animation unveiled the sea-fairing Moana early on Monday (October 20), along with a brief synopsis, the team behind the film, a release date and concept art (to tease you even more). Disney announced that the directorial team behind[…]

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‘Flesh Computer’ – Cronenberg-Esque Short Film Raises Interesting Philosophical Questions | Film Review

  With Halloween fast approaching, a collection of horror films are in anticipation for general release, but setting aside these widely distributed features, we have an intriguing short film written and directed by Ethan Shaftel called Flesh Computer. Many are describing the film as ‘Cronenberg-esque’ in reference to body horror filmmaker David Cronenberg, and being a fan of the director[…]

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