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‘Narcos’ Writers Hired To Pen ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Reboot | Film News

  Whether Charlie’s Angels is still a viable property is up for debate, after the two mid-2000s films failed to capture much interest and the rebooted 2011 TV show becoming a complete bust, but it’s practically gospel now that any property with name value is something Hollywood is interested in rebooting and/or remaking in the hope that a multi-million dollar[…]

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‘Oblivion’ Director Frontrunner To Direct ‘Top Gun 2’ | Film News

  With the long-gestating Top Gun sequel finally moving in the right direction after Tom Cruise revealed the film is “definitely happening” and he hopes to shoot next year, attention now turns to who will be in the directors chair.   Reportedly, Oblivion and Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski is the frontrunner for the role, despite no offer yet being[…]

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Warner Bros. Eyes ‘It’ Director To Replace Departed Doug Liman On ‘Justice League Dark’ | Film News

  With director Doug Liman (Edge Of Tomorrow) stepping away from Justice League Dark, citing scheduling issues, Warner Bros. now have another problem on their hands in regards to the film, which has already had an arduous pre-production process and has been stuck in development hell for years.   The studio is already moving swiftly to find a replacement, with[…]

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Jordan Peele’s Next Project Set For 2019 | Film News

  Jordan Peele‘s Get Out was a huge success, both critically and at the box office – making $250 million on a measly $5 million budget – thus naturally Peele now pretty much has free reign to make whatever he wants. He has a first-look deal with Universal, and his next film already has a set release date: (tentatively) March[…]

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‘Mission: Impossible 6’ Director Taking Series In New Direction | Film News

  For the first time in the Mission: Impossible franchise, the same director will be at the helm for back to back films. Despite Rogue Nation being well-received, Director Christopher McQuarrie isn’t looking to rest on his morals and repeat the same film. He spoke with Collider, and talked about taking the series in a more serious direction:   “You[…]

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