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Conversations About Her

‘Me And Earl And The Dying Girl’ Cast Talk Evolution, Character Nuances, Leukemia And More | Film News

  Prior to its release this Friday, the young stars and director of Me, Earl and The Dying Girl were interviewed byWay Too Indie about filming the independent movie and how it changed them.   Directed by Alphonso Gomez-Rejon (protege of Martin Scorsese), the film centers around an unlikely friendship between two awkward teen film geeks Greg and Earl (Thomas[…]

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Watch New TV Spot For ‘Spectre’ Starring Daniel Craig | Film Trailer

  James Bond has been a world-wide phenomenon for fifty-three years and twenty-three films (as of Skyfall). The much-anticipated twenty-fourth film, Spectre, is scheduled for release on the 6th of November and in conjunction with the NBA Finals (featuring Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors), the latest trailer was released for the film (which can be viewed below). The trailer features all[…]

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First Poster Of Emma Watson In ‘Regression’ Unveiled | Film News

The traumatized-looking Emma Watson features in Alejandro Amenabar’s staggering film poster of Regression.

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Stan Lee Confirms ‘Big Hero 6’ Sequel | Film News

Stan Lee has spoken about the sequel to Big Hero 6 confirming that there will be a Big Hero 7 movie. Baymax, Hiro and the rest of the team will be back, with rumours circulating that Hiro’s brother might not be dead and may be joining the team as the seventh member. However Marvel Studios are more focused on the[…]

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‘Jurassic World’ And A Quick Look At Quadrilogies | Film News

  Jurassic World smashes its way into theatres this Friday and will be the fourth film in the Jurassic Park tetralogy (I’m not using quadrilogy you can’t make me Alien franchise). Despite the film looking awesome, I can’t help but think that the fourth outing in most franchises tends to be… well a bit rubbish. So in a celebration of[…]

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