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Owen Wilson And Lake Bell Star In Survival Drama ‘No Escape’ | Film Trailer

There is ‘No Escape’ for Owen Wilson and his family in a new trailer for the upcoming survival film.

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Justin Long Joins The Cast of ‘Lavender’ | Film News

  Justin Long is on board for Lavender, a psychological thriller currently in production in Toronto. The film focuses on a photographer played by Abbie Cornish (Suckerpunch) that suffers a trauma causing massive memory loss. Using her photographs to piece together her life, she finds evidence that she may have murdered her own family members that she does not remember[…]

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50 Lucky Theatres To Show ‘The Hateful Eight’ In 70mm | Film News

  Quentin Tarantino has divulged that he plans to ‘retrofit’ fifty cinema theatres with 70 millimetre screens in order for the audience to get the absolutely perfect view of his new Western The Hateful Eight. Shot in high-resolution 70mm format, using Ultra Panavision 70, The Hateful Eight will be the first film to use this format since the 1960s. Clearly[…]

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New Trailer Released For ‘Ricki And The Flash’ Starring Meryl Streep | Film Trailer

  A second trailer has been released for Meryl Streep‘s up-and-coming heartwarming comedy-drama, Ricki And The Flash. Directed and written by Academy Award winners Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs, Philadelphia) and Oscar-Diablo Colby respectively. This film sees Streep as rockstar musician Ricki, struggling to find peace and redemption within her family after she visits her daughter, who is going[…]

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‘Daredevil’ Writer To Helm ‘Akira’ Movie Adaptation | Film News

  With the internet being suffused in rumours these last few years about the development of Akira, the most propitious one has just landed. As THR reports, co show runner of Daredevil Season 2, Marco J. Ramirez is to helm the script for the telekinesis action film. Based within Tokyo, this post-apocolyptic neo-tokyo era is explored through the eyes of two men,[…]

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