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John Krasinski To Lead Michael Bay’s ’13 Hours’ | Film News

  Michael Bay’s Benghazi movie is moving along nicely, with a decent cast in talks and its lead actor confirmed in The Office star John Krasinski. Bay is taking on the new movie, 13 Hours, recounting the attack on the US Special Mission Compound in Benghazi back in 2012. The story will predominantly focus on the six-man security whose job[…]

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Alex Garland Confirms “Serious Talks” With Danny Boyle About ’28 Months Later’ | Film News

  Alex Garland is a man on the verge of huge success with his directorial debut Ex Machina gaining serious buzz and scripts like Never Let Me Go and Sunshine filling out his filmography. We’re about ready to like him even more now that he’s let out this little slice of awesome, it seems he and Danny Boyle have been[…]

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James Cameron Delays ‘Avatar’ Sequel Until Late 2017 | Film News

  Remember that little movie James Cameron did back in 2009, you know the one with the $237 million budget? Yep, Avatar – that’s the one. Well it was looking as if fans were going to get a sequel in 2016 but Cameron has pushed back the release date to late 2017. Why you ask? Well, it seems the writing[…]

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’21 Jump Street’ And ‘Men In Black’ Crossover Still On The Table | Film News

  Directing tag-team Phil Lord and Chris Miller are quickly becoming known for turning dubious sounding material into comedy gold with the likes of The LEGO Movie, 21 Jump Street and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. Now it seems they’re looking into something even more bizarre; a 21 Jump Street/Men In Black crossover. Both Lord and Miller were considering[…]

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Lily Cole Talks Modelling, Politics And Business With Radio Times | Interviews

  Model and actor Lily Cole, who reminds you of Botticelli’s Venus, discusses her experiences of the modelling world and her ideas towards conventional politics, which includes her skeptical appreciation of the UK’s Green Party. She isn’t very fond of the British stereotype that depicts us as negative and always willing to negatively criticize, although she does agree that it[…]

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