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Conversations About Her

Pac-Man Is Coming In First Teaser For ‘Pixels’ Movie | Film Trailer

  Ahead of its first full trailer release this week, Chris Columbus‘ video game adventure Pixels gets a cool new teaser! Starring the likes of Adam Sandler, Peter Dinklage, Ashley Benson and Josh Gad, Pixels tells the story of Earth as it’s invaded by aliens in the form of classic 80’s video-game characters.  With characters such as Donkey Kong, Space[…]

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Jack Huston Confirmed To Star In ‘The Crow’ Remake | Film News

  With whispers that Jack Huston would be stepping in to replace Luke Evans for The Crow remake making their way online a couple of weeks ago, fans were pretty excited about the idea and saw Huston as the savior of this failing reboot. Well, good news for them as it seems the Broadwalk Empire actor has been confirmed as[…]

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Josh Gad Joins Live-Action ‘Beauty and The Beast’ Cast As LeFou | Film News

  With news about a Frozen sequel made official this week, Josh Gad will no doubt be getting ready to step back into the role of lovable snowman Olaf in the not so distant future. Before that however, Gad has another role lined up as he has been officially cast as chubby side-kick LeFou in Disney‘s live-action Beauty and The[…]

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Stephen King’s ‘The Jaunt’ Gets Optioned For Movie Feature | Film News

  Brad Pitt’s production company Plan B Entertainment is looking into a possible movie adaptation of Stephen King’s short story The Jaunt. The story was first published in the mid 1980’s by King himself in Twilight Zone Magazine and soon found a committed fanbase. It’s based on teleportation, coincidently the futuristic fantasy sets up life in the 24th century, and[…]

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Genndy Tartakovsky’s Animated ‘PopEye’ Film Gets Cancelled | Film News

  Bad news for Genndy Tartakovsky as it appears the reason we’ve heard so little about his PopEye flick is that it’s not actually happened, all production has been cut and cancelled. In a recent interview about the up and coming Hotel Transylvania 2, the famous animator spoke out about the abandoned flick, as Sony decided to move in a[…]

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