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Conversations About Her

Matthew McConaughey To Play Leading Role In ‘The Stand’ | Film News

  Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey is set to play the leading role in the film The Stand, based on the fantasy horror novel by Stephen King. It is set in post-apocalyptic America, where a life-threatening plague has wiped out a large proportion of the human race. It is rumoured that McConaughey will play the film’s villain Randall Flagg, he[…]

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Miles Teller Is Remarkable In The International Trailer For ‘Whiplash’ | Film Trailer

  Miles Teller is remarkable as the lead in the international trailer for Whiplash. Teller is a young jazz drummer who attends the New York music academy. The school’s band conductor J.K Simmons is a musical genius who uses controversial methods to help his students. The film is based upon Damien Chazelle’s short film Whiplash. The trailer depicts the drive[…]

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Chloe Grace Moretz Shuts Down ‘Kick Ass 3’ Rumours | Film News

  While fans would very much like a third film added to the Kick Ass franchise, Chloe Grace Moretz – who plays Hit-Girl – does not think it likely. Speaking with Digital Spy, she says, “sadly, I think I’m done with the character. Hit-Girl was a very cool character, but I don’t think there will be any more movies”. According[…]

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Daniel Radcliffe Fuels Marvel And ‘Doctor Strange’ Rumours | Film News

  In an interview with BBC Radio 1, Daniel Radcliffe has said that he has recently been in conversation with Marvel, and some fans took this to mean that he would have a role in a future Marvel film, but is this really the case?   During the interview, Radcliffe said about the recent Comic-Con, “I went as Spider-Man this[…]

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Legendary Actor/Director Richard Attenborough Passes Away, Aged 90 | Film News

  Yesterday, August 24, Lord Attenborough’s son confirmed the legendary filmmaker’s death. Lord Richard Attenborough began his successful career as an actor. His first screen appearance was in 1942 in In Which We Serve. His breakthrough role came five years later in the critically acclaimed film Brighton Rock. He continued to grow and learn as an actor throughout the 1950’s[…]

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