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Conversations About Her

J.J Abrams Gives Fans The Chance To Appear In ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ | Film News

  J.J Abrams is giving fans the opportunity to appear in the upcoming film Star Wars: Episode VII. The Star Wars: Force for Change has launched a campaign to raise funds for UNICEF Innovation Labs, and to appear in the film, you are to donate £5.90 ($10) to the campaign, via the Omaze website.   Fans will then be entered into[…]

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Watch Zach Braff In Trailer For ‘Wish I Was Here’ | Film Trailer

  Zach Braff directs and stars in the upcoming comedy drama Wish I Was Here. The story follows a struggling actor called Aidan Bloom who is also a husband and father of two. He is forced to start home schooling his children after his father can no longer afford private school for them, and the only public school in the[…]

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Jackie Chan’s ‘Skiptrace’ Lands Renny Harlin As Director | Film News

  Director Renny Harlin responsible for film Die Hard 2 will be directing the upcoming action comedy film Skiptrace starring Jackie Chan. The action star pitched the idea for the film, which focuses on a good police officer played by Chan, whose niece (Fan BingBing) gets involved in a criminal organisation governed by the man he has tried to capture for years.[…]

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Steve Carell & Channing Tatum Star In Trailer For ‘Foxcatcher’ Biopic | Film Trailer

  Steve Carell looks completely unrecognizable in a new trailer for the film Foxcatcher alongside Channing Tatum. Carell plays the role of John DuPont who is wealthy yet slightly unhinged. DuPont is the heir to a chemical business and wrestling coach, who becomes friends with two brothers who are wrestlers. The brothers Mark and Dave Schultz who are Olympic Wrestling[…]

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Ryan Gosling Makes Directorial Debut With ‘Lost River’ | Film Trailer

  Oscar Award nominated actor Ryan Gosling makes his directorial debut with the upcoming film Lost River, and the teaser trailer for the film has found its way online. The dark fantasy film shows a single mother who finds herself in a dark underworld. Her teenage son finds a road which leads to a secret underwater civilisation. In the trailer,[…]

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