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Dakota Fanning & Elizabeth Olsen Star In ‘Very Good Girls’ | Film Trailers

  Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen star in the first official trailer for Very Good Girls. The plot sees two New York City high school friends make a pact and decide to both lose their virginity during the summer holidays. They both meet and fall in love with the same person, forcing them to see how strong their friendship truly[…]

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Will Smith To Star In Ridley Scott’s NFL Drama | Film News

  Multiple award-winning actor Will Smith is set to star in legendary filmmaker Ridley Scott’s new dramatic film about brain trauma in the NFL. The film will focus on American Football and the long- term effects concussions can have on its players. It will be based upon the 2009 GQ article called Game Brain written by Jeanne Marie Laskas. Smith will[…]

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Watch Trailer For Horror Film ‘Beneath’ Starring Jeff Fahey | Film Trailer

  The trailer for horror film Beneath has premiered online. Inspired by true events, the film has a new take on the horror genre as it is set predominantly in a coal mine. A group of coal miners get trapped underground after a serious tunnel collapse. With their clean air quickly being replaced with toxic gases, they lose their sanity[…]

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Keira Knightley & Mark Ruffalo Star In ‘Begin Again’ Film Clip | Film News

  Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo star in a recently released teaser clip for upcoming film Begin Again. The clip shows Gretta played by Keira Knightley talking to Dan (Mark Ruffalo), a music label executive, in his car. They discuss Gretta’s song writing skills in the car with quite comedic results. The musical drama follows Gretta and her university boyfriend[…]

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Anthony Mackie To Produce And Star In Jesse Owens Biopic ‘Race’ | Film News

  Actor Anthony Mackie is set to star and produce Olympian Jesse Owens biopic Race. The biopic is based on the true story of African American Olympic athlete Owens who entered the Berlin Games and won four gold medals. This happened during Adolf Hitler’s reign, during which he tried and failed to exclude Black and Jewish people from the games.[…]

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