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Conversations About Her

Quentin Tarantino Set To Retire After Tenth Movie | Film News

  Quentin Tarantino has revealed he is set to retire after his tenth film. He previously suggested he would retire at 60 but wishes “to leave people wanting more“. The popular auteur who is considered a master of witty and punchy dialogue whose directorial debut Reservoir Dogs started a career that was not short of controversy but one that many[…]

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Mark Wahlberg To Star In ‘Six Billion Dollar Man’ | Film News

  It has been officially confirmed that Mark Wahlberg shall be taking the lead role in the movie remake of the classic 70’s television series The Six Billion Dollar Man. The series chronicles the adventures of Steve Austin, a pilot for the US Airforce who, after a plane crash, is “rebuilt” with bionic limbs and implants. After the success of[…]

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Trailer For ‘Chappie’ Starring Dev Patel And Hugh Jackman Released | Film Trailer

  A brand new trailer for Chappie the new Sci-fi film from director Neil Blomkamp has been released. Chappie (voiced by Sharlto Copley) chronicles the creation of a sentient robot created by Dev Patel (Skins and Slumdog Millionaire) and how the world responds to such advancement. Hugh Jackman (X-men and Les Miserables) stars as the film main antagonist who is opposed[…]

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Margot Robbie Set To Play Harley Quinn In ‘Suicide Squad’ | Film News

  Just days after Jared Leto was linked with the role of The Joker in David Ayers’s Suicide Squad movie due to be released 2016, Margot Robbie best known for her role as Naomi Lapaglia in The Wolf Of Wall Street is now rumoured to be playing the role of Harley Quinn, The Joker’s equally psychopathic girlfriend and fan favourite.[…]

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Jared Leto Rumoured To Play The Joker In ‘Suicide Squad’ | Film News

  Singer and actor Jared Leto is reportedly in talks to play the most iconic villain in the DC Comics universe. He is looking to follow-up his ground breaking role in Dallas Buyers Club, which he won an Oscar Award for, by playing the Joker in the upcoming film Suicide Squad. There hasn’t been any official confirmation of this but[…]

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