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Conversations About Her

‘Jurassic Park 4’ Director Teases New Photo | Film News

  With the excitement of the fourth instalment of dino action movie Jurassic World, filming has now been confirmed to have finally wrapped and is readying itself for its cinema release on the 12th of June next year (2015). With Hollywood top director Steven Spielburg (Jurassic Park, E.T and Saving Private Ryan) producing the movie, the film direction was put[…]

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Offered Lead Role In Edward Snowden Biopic | Film News

  This week, director Oliver Stone may have found the lead for his upcoming Edward Snowden biopic, as he has offered the role to Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Although negotiations are yet to be settled, it has been reported that both parties are eager to get the ball rolling. Ed Snowden made news headlines back in 2013, when he leaked confidential NSA[…]

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‘The Maze Runner’ Sequel Recieves Release Date | Film News

  So this is no surprise, The Maze Runner, which topped the US Box Office last weekend is to receive a sequel, 20th Century Fox have stated. The recently released film adapted from James Dashner’s book of the same name, is to be followed by ‘The Scorch Trials’ sequel, which set for distribution on September 18, 2015. The Maze Runner[…]

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‘Deadpool’ Returns In ‘X-Men’ Spin Off Slated For February 2016 Release | Film News

  With leaked footage of a recent test shoot doing the rounds for months, it has now been confirmed that Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern, The Proposal) is set to reprise his role as cocky self-healing mutant Deadpool aka Wade Wilson in a new X-Men spin off movie, set to be released in February 2016. Although seen to have[…]

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‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Delayed Until August 2015 | Film News

  The long awaited reboot to 2005’s Fantastic Four, looks to have been put on hold for at least another two months. Slated for release on 16 June, 2015, the film is now going to hit theatres around August instead. With high hopes for the upcoming Marvel franchise due to recent unanimous praise for The Avengers, and Guardians Of The[…]

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