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Conversations About Her

Dakota Fanning Stars As Beverly Aadland In ‘The Last Robin Hood’ | Film Trailer

  Dakota Fanning stars as real-life young actor Beverly Aadland who dates Hollywood star Errol Flynn (Kevin Kline) in the new trailer for The Last Robin Hood. The film is about casanova Flynn’s relationship with Aadland. The pair had a romance documented by the world’s media and her mother played by Susan Sarandon who is obsessed with fame. Susan Sarandon plays[…]

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Marvel Unveils Extended Look At ‘The Guardians Of The Galaxy’ | Film Trailer

  The Guardians of the Galaxy has released a new extended trailer giving fans a more in-depth look at the film characters. Chris Pratt stars as the American pilot Peter Quill who is being hunted down by villain Ronan after stealing the orb. He enlists a group of space misfits to help him keep the orb safe once he realises[…]

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Don Cheadle Is Miles Davis In New Image For ‘Miles Ahead’ | Film News

  Oscar Award winner and actor extraordinaire Don Cheadle is Miles Davis in a newly released image for the film Miles Ahead. The film will look at the five-year period when the legendary Jazz musician did not play music also known as his silent period. His difficult marriage to Frances Taylor Davis will also be looked at in depth, as[…]

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Ben Affleck Stars In New Trailer For ‘Gone Girl’ | Film Trailer

  Ben Affleck stars in the new full length trailer for the intense film Gone Girl. It tells the story of Nick and Amy Dunne’s challenging marriage. Nick is fired from his job as a journalist so decides to move to his hometown in Missouri to open a bar with twin sister Margo. He uses his wife’s trust fund to[…]

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Two Unknown Actors Beat 67,000 Others To Land Roles In ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ | Film News

  Pip Anderson and Crystal Clarke beat 67,000 people in open auditions during November 2013 to land roles in Star Wars: Episode VII. Anderson is a British actor who is skilled at parkour which enables him to propel his body through any environment using an unbelievable amount of grace and agility. He starred in a recent advert for Spider-Man demonstrating[…]

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