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Conversations About Her

MÁDAM – Doers | New Music

  NYC-based Brazilian Marina Maiztegui, better know as MÁDAM, has revealed her inspirational new track “Doers“. The idea behind the song is to encourage people to come back from dreaming and actually start doing something to make the dreams come true.   The new electro-pop tune features soulful Marina’s vocals and funky beat. The groovy sounds match with beautiful thought-provoking[…]

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Death By Unga Bunga – Into The Night | Music Video

  Death by Unga Bunga is a Norwegian rock band and they have recently premiered a new video for “Into The Night” from their upcoming album.   Their music is described as something in between garage-rock, Britpop and even punk. Anyway, the songs are really catchy and bring us all the way back to the 60s.   Talking about the[…]

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Listen To Sufjan Stevens’ New Mixtape ‘The Greatest Gift’ Via NPR | Music News

  Months ago, the indie rock singer and multi-instrumentalist artist Sufjan Stevens announced his upcoming mixtape The Greatest Gift, which is full of outtakes, remixes and demos from his 2015 album Carrie & Lowell.   In this album of tenderness and delicacy, the Detroit artist opens up his heart and gives free vent of thoughts about the complex relationship with[…]

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1971 – Anxiety (In the Depths Of Northwestern Ontario) | Music Video

  In honour of Cameron Glen Cranston who was the bassist and founder member of 1971, who died earlier this year at the age of only 25, the group has taken the decision not to continue without him being there. Therefore, they have shared their last existing recorded singles with Cameron. This consist of two demos they recorded for a[…]

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Happy Cat Jay – Underpants | New Music

  British artist Happy Cat Jay has unveiled a brand new track titled “Underpants”. Before this single release, he was a multi instrumentalist, producer and songwriter, who worked with the cult UK future soul artist Alxndr London. Happy Cat Jay’s new single may be a statement of him deciding to go solo, and going his own way.   He speaks[…]

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