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Here’s The Full List Of Ayia Napa House Party Events | Music News

  We’re eagerly counting the days until Ayia Napa House Party. Why? It takes place in Cyprus. It lasts one week. It includes six different parties. And non-stop music. And fun. Sun. Sea. Gorgeous beaches. The best DJs. Take a look at the list of events and you’ll understand why is it worth to be that excited:   Monday, April[…]

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Ayia Napa House Party Starts In 2 Weeks And We Have A Special Offer For You | Music News

  On Monday, April 23, the week of ultimate house music experience starts in Ayia Napa, Cyprus. Six days, full of exclusive events by sun-drenched beaches and huge party pools, with dozens of talented DJs and endless fun, are going to be the best getaway you’ve ever dreamt of.   It’s might be hard to believe, but one ticket to[…]

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A Talented 10-Year-Old DJ To Perform At Ayia Napa House Party | Music News

  Taylor Shipley started her career ‘only’ last year… when she was 9 years old. The skillful girl was spotted on social media, where she was sharing some home-made videos of her mixing music. After a few events and continuous practice, Taylor has got the chance to perform at the 6-day Ayia Napa House Party this month, as the youngest[…]

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Ayia Napa House Party Will Round Out At Tiki Bar On Day 6 | Music News

  April 23 is coming so soon! Did you get your plane ticket to Cyprus yet? Good! – Ayia Napa House Party, the ultimate house music experience with more than 50 DJs is going to be the most memorable week-long party this year.   It will last for six days, until April 28, when everyone will gather one last time[…]

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Day 5 Of Ayia Napa House Party Proves – There Can Never Be Too Many Pool Parties | Music News

  You haven’t been to a pool party until you’ve been to one at the Pambos Napa Rocks hotel. That’s a fact. One pool party per week is not enough. That’s also a fact. But here comes the most important bit – if you miss the two pool parties in the 6-day house music festival Ayia Napa House Party, you’ll[…]

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