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Talent Network London Are Ready To Launch | Events

  Let me introduce you to the world’s first ever online market place for rising musicians, artists and more. Brought to us by a creative team in London.   Talent Network London is a platform created to boost the discovery of talent for the accessibility of stakeholders such as fans, promoters and potential clients. Related talents such as DJs and Presenters[…]

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Elton John Is Bringing Artists Together In A New Album | Music News

  Could you imagine anything better than listening to your favourite modern artists singing old favourite and successful songs written by a legend? Well we don’t think so. So we feel over-excited to announce that Elton John‘s greatest hits are coming back all together to a brand new album called Revamp but with a huge surprise.   Set for release[…]

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Romance Is Dead For Zayn And Gigi | Music News

  Well then, it is official. Pop singer Zayn Malik, former member of the boy band One Direction, confirms he’s single again after two years in a relationship with the famous model Gigi Hadid. The two artists have shared beautiful moments of their relationship via their social media all this time and fans have been definitely in love with their[…]

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Flying Lotus Shares New Music: His Soundtrack From 2 Films | Music News

  Experimental electronic music DJ and producer Flying Lotus has surprised his fans dropping seven new tracks on Soundcloud today. Getting deeper and deeper into film industry for the past decade, which includes his own directorial debut on Kuso last year, FlyLo’s new music is also written for films.   Six out of seven tracks are mostly instrumental cuts, created[…]

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What To Expect From Day 1 At Ayia Napa House Festival | Music News

  Monday, April 23 will mark the start of the 6-day house music festival in Cyprus – Ayia Napa House Party. While each of the days will feature different events, all of them are equally exciting. So, what is to expect from the Day 1?   The first day is for one of the two daytime pool parties at Pambos[…]

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