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Conversations About Her

LP – When We’re High | Music Video

  After releasing her fourth studio album, Lost On You, last year in December, Laura Pergolizzi – or LP – shot straight to superstardom, a journey she was already slowly sailing towards. She has spent most of this year so far on tour in Europe and North America.   With the album’s title song, “Lost On You”, quickly becoming a[…]

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FREAK – No Money | Music Video

  FREAK, a young and much-appreciated British artist, has released a new music video for energetic song “No Money”.   The artist has been influenced by punk legends The Clash and Sex Pistols, which you can hear hints of in the song despite it sounding very mainstream.   On the song, he said: “This song’s about juggling crippling university fees[…]

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Joel Baker + Abra Cadabra – Story | Music Video

  “Story” is the first track from Joel Baker’s upcoming mixtape Bag of Dreams. The video has been filmed in Stockwell and Tottenham by renowned photographer Vicky Grout in what is her first music video. The visuals capture a day in the life of Baker and Abra Cadabra, who he features on the record.   Speaking about the video the[…]

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Prido – WKD | music video

  Manchester based multi-talented artist of Zambian origin Prido returns with his new single titled “WKD” and its accompanying visuals via VEVO.   Prido remains no stranger to the music scene. As an emerging UK artist, he has made waves performing all across Manchester and the Midlands, and having worked with local music group MMRecords.   
He is best known for[…]

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Frankie Rose – Red Museum | Music Video

  Imagine going to a museum and having part of the display grab, strip, and bury you in red plastic. That’s the kind of feeling you get from Frankie Rose‘s experimental new video for “Red Museum”.   According to Rose, “‘Red Museum’ is a love song. It is a portrait of the kind of fearful thoughts that can run through[…]

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