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Conversations About Her

Soft Fangs – Honey Colony | New Music

  Soft Fangs unveils his new single “Honey Colony”, the single is taken from the forthcoming sophomore EP titled Fractures out on September 1. Soft Fangs is the musical project started in 2014 by Brooklyn-based songwriter John Lutkevich. His forthcoming EP Fractures was preceded by his self-titled EP in 2014 and The Light in 2016.   “Honey Colony” is a[…]

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The Elwins – Hey! Ya, You | New Music

  The Elwins unveil their new single “Hey! Ya, You” from their third full-length LP titled Beauty Community out on October 13 via Hidden Pony. The album is now available for pre-order here.   “Hey! Ya, You” has is a pop-rock song with electronic influence. The melody is sensual as the voice of the singer. The electric guitar combined with[…]

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Trippy Turtle + Disco Duck – Super Song | New Music

  Trippy Turtle has just released his new singe title “Super Song” featuring Disco Duck. The track is part of his new EP titled Trippy out on August 23, he also unveiled a new music video for “Lettuce” on August 8.   “Super Song” incorporate different music style including Bmore Club and R&B, it contains a groovy, old-school beat that’s[…]

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Lamalo + Hayden Buchanan – Come Over | New Music

  Sydney duo Lamalo have just released their new single titled “Come Over” featuring Hayden Buchanan. “Come Over” is now available everywhere including Spotify and iTunes. The track fuses café jazz with textural electronic sounds and acoustic elements creating a unique sound. The singer voice is smooth and appealing.   Speaking about the new track, Lamalo said: “The lyrics for[…]

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Carroll – Velvet | New Music

  Carroll have just released their new single titled “Velvet”, the single is now available on Spotify. The latest single from the Minneapolis psych pop quartet is very original. The singer’s voice is delicate and stylish. The arrangement is easy but interesting and the use of wind instruments in the background creates a beautiful atmosphere that is reminiscent of jazz[…]

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