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Day 2 At Ayia Napa House Party Is For Ultimate ‘House Takeover’ | Music News

  After an all-day pool party on the first day, the Ayia Napa House Party will continue with House Takeover at Aqua – the town’s favorite after-party place and the only club with an indoor swimming pool.   With the organizational help from AuralSex, the party guarantees satisfaction for all house music lovers. And it’s only one out of six[…]

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Talent Network London Are Ready To Launch | Events

  Let me introduce you to the world’s first ever online market place for rising musicians, artists and more. Brought to us by a creative team in London.   Talent Network London is a platform created to boost the discovery of talent for the accessibility of stakeholders such as fans, promoters and potential clients. Related talents such as DJs and Presenters[…]

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Bobii Lewis + Not3s – Force You | New Music

  Tottenham born contemporary R&B artist Bobii Lewis is back with some more heat with this latest track “Force You” featuring none other than the man dominating the UK sound right now, none other than Not3s.   This is a melodic, R&B-tinged rollercoaster ride for the listener, similar to previous track “Save Me” but a stark contrast to the serene[…]

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Migos + Drake – Walk It Talk It | Music Video

  That thin line between homage and parody. The bizarre new video for Hip-Hop trio Migos and Drake‘s latest banger “Walk It Talk It” features comedian Jamie Foxx, starring as Ron Delirious – an impersonation of Don Cornelius, the host of iconic TV show Soul Train.   The fictitious show in the music video is called Culture Ride and includes[…]

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Sneakbo – Living | Music Video

  With his long awaited debut album Brixton finally releasing and doing the rounds to critical acclaim, Sneakbo is endeavouring to keep the momentum going, with the release of his brand new music video for heatseeker “Living“.   Just from watching it, “Living” definitely has a movie-type feel to it, all orchestrated by Real Klash. A collection of clips of[…]

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