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Conversations About Her

Avicii + Robbie Williams – The Days | New Music

  Tim Bergling aka Avicii, has released him new single “The Days” featuring Robbie Williams on vocals. “The Days”, the new single from the young Swedish producer, begin with an acoustic guitar melody and surprises listeners with a less electronic and slow-tempo rhythm, which is kept down until the last thirty seconds where a potent beat breaks out.   After[…]

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Jessie Ware – Cruel (Preview) | New Music

  Jessie Ware is a soulful pop/R&B singer from London who has just put out a preview to her newest track “Cruel”. Following the release of other songs, “Say You Love Me”, “Share It All”, “Want Your Feeling” and “Kind of…Sometimes…Maybe” from her forthcoming second album Tough Love, “Cruel” seems to be another silky, smooth track that is sure to[…]

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The Bulls – Come Unwound | New Music

  Brand new duo The Bulls have just released their first ever single “Come Unwound” today. Having played their first live show only a few months ago, this band seem like they are moving up fast and with a track like this, are bound to go further. This song starts off quite slowly with hypnotic vocals, simple guitar backing and[…]

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Rhodes – What If Love | New Music

  I have just fallen in Love…. and I want to shout it from the roof tops! It was Love at first listen, and I want to share this feeling with everyone! Rhodes‘ “What If Love” is a soft piano led ballad that is quite seriously one of the most beautiful songs I have heard in ages, the last time[…]

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Haim – My Song 5 (Movement Version) | New Music

  Before the Haim sisters were yet to be heard by the mainstream, they had toured with the likes of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, The Henry Clay People and Kesha. But after the release of their three track EP Forever which was released for free download in February 2012, the music press and general public instantly realized how good[…]

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