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Conversations About Her

Thousands Of Afghan Girls Being Held In Jail For Failing Virginity Test | Politics

  Thousands and thousands of girls, ranging from 21 years old to as young as 12, are being held in prisons and cells in Afghanistan on the charge of “moral crimes”.   The Marie Stopes International centre and organization, that champions women’s right in developing countries, reports, after a visit to a prison in the Balkh province of Afghanistan, that[…]

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President Macron Visits New Africa Shrine Nightclub On His Trip To Nigeria | Politics

  French President Emmanuel Macron ends his official first visit in Nigeria in a very unusual, unexpected but really typical way. After two days spent in the country that was his internship destination in 2002 – he worked at the French Embassy in Lagos – he went dancing at one of the most legendary places in Nigerian culture.   Today’s[…]

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Over 200,000 Syrian Civilians Are Fleeing Deraa Following Air Strikes | Politics

  The situation in southern Syria, the Civil War between Assad‘s troops and the rebels sparked back in 2011, has been deteriorating and it has not ceased to affect civilians and bring destruction to an already devastate region.   Despite the apparent ‘cease fire’ policy that should have halted any more bombing on the region, UN officials report that more[…]

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UK Government Separating Children From Parents Following Trump-Inspired Policy | Politics

  Starting the week with yet another disheartening news about immigration politics and the migrants situation, the independent charity organisation Bail For Immigration Detainees (BID) has revealed that the UK government is separating children from their parents.   Taking a page out of the Trump Administration’s booklet, the British government is said to have been expelling parents without their children.[…]

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South Korean Labour Reforms Introduce A 52-Hour-Cap On Working Hours | Politics

  Working an extra 300 hours per year more than any other developed countries, South Korea is known for their workaholic culture. It is fair to say, that they are one of the most overworked countries in Asia. As a result, South Korea has seen a dip in figures of productivity and birthrates.   President Moon Jae-In has taken it[…]

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