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Conversations About Her

Trump – Putin Helsinki Summit Had Some Really Concerning Moments | Politics

  Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump‘s summit in Helsinki has left many, if not everybody, speechless. The meeting, made of briefings, interviews and conventions between the two Presidents, touched many pending issues. The climate change problem (that according to Trump is just a scam), the ongoing Syrian crisis and the delicate situation in Crimea, where Putin still holds a tight[…]

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Pro-EU Conservative MPs Attempt To Win EU Customs Union Bid | Politics

  An EU customs union bid took place yesterday in the House of Commons as an attempt by pro-EU Conservative MPs to change Theresa May‘s post-Brexit trade strategy.   With no agreement on a free trade deal with the EU as of yet, Conservative MPs have made their concerns clear over the post-Brexit trade plans. If the UK fails to[…]

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European Union And Japan Sign A Monumental Free Trade Deal | Politics

  A historic deal on a free trade agreement has been signed between the European Union and Japan which covers almost a third of the world’s GDP and 600 million people.   This deal enables a free open trade zone of exports and imports between the EU and Japan, resulting in the removal of barriers and tariffs. With dairy products[…]

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Donald Trump Gives His Input On Theresa May’s Brexit Proposals | Politics

  As usual, Donald Trump has given his opinions on political issues. Following Theresa May‘s Brexit plans to have some partial involvement with the EU rather than complete isolation, the US president has given his thoughts on the matter.   Trump states that this is not Brexit and that it is turning out a “little bit differently”. Going back to[…]

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Jeremy Corbyn Teases Conservatives As Cabinet Members Leave Theresa May | Politics

  Christmas has come early for Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Following the re-shuffle and resignation of Theresa May‘s cabinet, Corbyn wastes no time to poke fun at the Conservatives. He humours parliament by stating that members of her party would have resigned earlier, however had no bus service to take them home.   He continues to criticise May by[…]

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