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Conversations About Her

Yemeni Wedding Destroyed After A Devastating US Air Strike | Politics

  What was expected to be nothing short of a joyous and cheerful celebration turned into a horrific event after wedding celebrations in Yemen were interrupted with US air strikes.   The scene of a wedding had been splattered with bones and human flesh, displaying the devastating aftermath. The groom’s mother and bride’s father are still dealing with the atrocious[…]

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BMW To Be Investigated By South Korea Over Alleged Delayed Recall | Politics

  South Korea are set to investigate BMW over their alleged delayed response on recalling their vehicles. BMW had aimed to recall over 100,000 cars after incidents of engine fires had occurred, however South Koreans are angry and annoyed with the pace of their movement, resulting in class-action lawsuits against BMW.   In total, 28 BMW cars have caught on[…]

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Bangladesh Transport System Under Scrutiny After The Death Of Two Teenagers | Politics

  After the horrific death of two teenagers killed by a speeding bus, the streets of Bangladesh have been swarmed by thousands of angry students. With chants voicing “We want justice”, they have been demonstrating for five consecutive days since the incident.   Although the protest seemed spontaneous and disorganised, the message was clear. Major transport reforms are being demanded[…]

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North Korea Continue Working On Missiles Despite Agreement With America | Politics

  Despite the agreement between President Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump for denuclearisation, it seems to appear that North Korea are continuing to work on creating explosive missiles.   Spy satellites has spotted continued activity at the site that produces these missiles, which counteracts Donald Trump’s recent statement that North Korea were “no longer a nuclear threat”. As usual,[…]

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Trump – Putin Helsinki Summit Had Some Really Concerning Moments | Politics

  Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump‘s summit in Helsinki has left many, if not everybody, speechless. The meeting, made of briefings, interviews and conventions between the two Presidents, touched many pending issues. The climate change problem (that according to Trump is just a scam), the ongoing Syrian crisis and the delicate situation in Crimea, where Putin still holds a tight[…]

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