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Conversations About Her

Paris Riots: Most Violent Protest Since Decades | Politics

  On Saturday, approximately 36,000 people have taken part in the riots in the capital of France. For the third weekend in a row people have been protesting over the increasing gas prices. Protestors have requested to stop the next scheduled tax increase on fuel that is due January, 2019.   The protest has now transformed into a direct demonstration[…]

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MeToo Founder: Campaign Is Being Misrepresented As Plot Against Men | Politics

  Founder of the MeToo movement Tarana Burke has said that her campaign that had initially served to fight against sexual violence has now become unrecognisable and misrepresented: “Suddenly, a movement to centre survivors of sexual violence is being talked about as a vindictive plot against men”.   Burke has warned that the MeToo campaign is at risk of losing[…]

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Pakistan And India Begin Construction Of ‘Corridor Of Peace’ | Politics

  On Wednesday, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has began a visa-free corridor to allow Indian religious devotees to access a holy site in Kartarpur, Pakistan’s Punjab province.   The temple, known as Gurdwara Durbar Sahib, is reportedly the first temple ever built and the resting place of Sikhism founder Guru Nanak who was worshipped by both Hindus and Muslims.[…]

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NASA’s InSight Spacecraft Successfully Lands On Mars | Politics

  The NASA InSight mission has successfully touched down on the red planet after travelling for seven months through space. The spacecraft had cruised for 301,223,981 miles and was followed by two cube satellites. After the anxious wait, InSight had sent a signal to NASA reporting that it was still alive and safe on the ground.   NASA’s mission control[…]

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Gunmen Attack Chinese Consulate In Karachi, Pakistan | Politics

  On Friday morning, armed attackers raided a Chinese consulate in the southern Pakistani city Karachi. The gunmen first killed two policemen before entering the consulate, security officials have said.   All three gunmen were killed by police and the building was secured just after the attack. Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has stated at a press conference: “All[…]

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