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Netflix Announces Coming-Of-Age Series ‘Sex Education’ For 2019 | TV News

  Netflix has announced a “coming-of-awkward” dramedy series titled Sex Education, set to debut on the service in 2019.   The show will revolve around Otis Thompson, a socially awkward high school virgin who lives with his mother, a sex therapist. When his home life, consisting of being surrounded by manuals, videos and open conversations about sex, is revealed at[…]

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The New Trailer For ‘ArkAngel’, The Second Episode Of ‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 | TV Trailer

  Have you watched Black Mirror Season 3? This weekend Netflix have announced the upcoming season 4 with an amazing new teaser. Even if there is not any official information about the release date, there are strong rumors saying that it should out be early next year.   These upcoming episodes of season 4, created by Charlie Brooker, were shot[…]

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Lennie James Leaving ‘The Walking Dead’ To Join ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ | TV News

  In a strange move that has a chance at being a first in TV history, or at least one of the rarer things to happen, an actor is leaving a series to join its spinoff. In this case, actor Lennie James, who plays Morgan on The Walking Dead, is departing the show at the end of its current eighth[…]

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Netflix’s ‘Godless’ To Have Only One Season? | TV News

  Ah, the tricky conundrum of the so-called ‘limited series’. The idea, of course, is that the series is ‘limited’: not designed for mass seasons that trundle on for years. However, if a limited series is so popular, sometimes it can be renewed for a second season, as has been the cast recently with The Night Manager and HBO’s Big[…]

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‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Renewed By Netflix For Season 12 | TV News

  The beloved Mystery Science Theater 3000, the show that originally made mocking bad movies fun, ran for 197 episodes during its original run from 1988 to 1997 before seemingly being gone forever. But after Netflix renewed the show and premiered it back in April, it became their highest rated show according to Rotten Tomatoes, and they’ve now renewed the[…]

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