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Conversations About Her

Netflix Commissions New British Drama ‘The Crown’ | TV News

  It has been confirmed by Netflix that they have the British answer to House of Cards in the shape of The Crown. The series is written by Peter Morgan who wrote The Queen and Stephen Daldry, writer of Billy Elliot. It has been inspired by Morgan’s West End hit The Audience which starred Helen Mirren, and will explore the[…]

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Mick Fleetwood Talks Fleetwood Mac Reunion With The Guardian | Interviews

  The Guardian caught up with Fleetwood Mac co-founder and drummer Mick Fleetwood recently for the latest episode of their 30 Minutes With… series. We learn about Mick’s lucky wooden balls, his relationship with other band member in terms of love, hate and money, and getting the band together again. He also tells of the time he urinating on the[…]

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Isaac Asimov’s ‘Foundation’ Series Coming To HBO | TV News

  Isaac Asimov’s epic science fiction saga Foundation is in development by producer and writer Jonathan Nolan (brother of Christopher Nolan). Foundation has been in Hollywood limbo for many years but HBO bought the rights earlier this year and Jonah Nolan has been working on it whilst working on another science fiction project Westworld also for HBO. With HBO’s amazing[…]

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Sam Raimi To Debut ‘The Evil Dead’ TV Series In 2015 | TV News

  Starz has confirmed that it has ordered a ten-episode series based on the cult classic horror franchise The Evil Dead titled Ash vs The Evil Dead. It has also be confirmed that Sam Raimi will be returning to direct the series and that Bruce Campbell will return as reluctant hero Ash. Sam Raimi will be teaming up with writers, Ivan[…]

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Critics Applaud Peter Capaldi For His Interpretation Of ‘Doctor Who’ | TV News

  “This has been a cracking series, with the show back to its darkly compelling best and Capaldi – clever, complex and unpredictably otherworldly – making the role truly his own“, said one TV critic after series number eight of ‘Doctor Who’ climaxed this past Saturday night. Peter Capadi was Doctor number 12 and one that will not be forgotten.[…]

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