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Conversations About Her

‘Wayne’s World’ Reunion At ‘Saturday Night Live’ 40th Anniversary Special | TV News

  And they did it again! The internet is just wonderful isn’t it?! It seems apparent that everyone/thing we loved back in the 90s have found the time to present us with a reunion which will sure enough get the inner child in all of us jumping for joy. Firsty, it was a Saved By The Bell reunion (minus Screech) and[…]

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Watch New Teaser For Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ Season Three | TV Trailer

  Things are feeling a little tense in the new teaser for Netflix‘s third season of House of Cards. The show focuses on Kevin Spacey‘s character Congressman Francis Underwood who, alongside his crafty wife (Robin Wright), works his way up the political food chain, while taking revenge on those who’ve wronged him. Gaining a huge fan following, the anticipation for[…]

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New Trailer For Netflix Series ‘Bloodline’ | TV Trailer

  Knocking out series like Orange is The New Black and House of Cards, Netflix are doing their best to take over the world of television streaming by mixing easily accessible shows with brilliant drama and comedy. They’re hoping to get this mix just right again with their next original series, Bloodline. Focusing on a contemporary American family, the Rayburns,[…]

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‘The Office’ Named Best Show Of The Past 20 Years | TV News

  The Office, the dry awkward comedy that was an all too human recipe for disaster has won a Broadcast Award for being the best show in 20 years. The Office was set in Slough, and its lead character was the loveable loser David Brent. The show managed to well, make you laugh, but also do a death cringe, like[…]

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Netflix Commissions Baz Luhrmann Musical TV Series | TV News

  Award winning producer, director and screenwriter Baz Luhrmann is planning a musical comeback with a new Netflix series titled The Get Down. The Australian has paired up with The Shield‘s Shawn Ryan to bring the show, which was initially thought of in 2013, to life with thirteen scripts for a first season already made.   The program takes place[…]

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