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Conversations About Her

‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ – Absurdist And Contagiously Optimistic | TV Review

  Netflix original series, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt reminds us just how long ago, in culture and time, the year 2000 really was. The eponymous main character, played by Ellie Kemper, is rescued from a doomsday cult where she spent the last fifteen years; and then the opening credits start…   In 15 years time, let’s hope they have flying cars[…]

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Bashy Set To Star In New HBO Series ‘Crime’ | TV News

  You may have noticed Bashy (Ashley Thomas) has been quiet on the music front and has been in the States for a minute now and just as we were starting to wonder if it was a permanent move, the reason for his 6 month layoff has finally been revealed. Bashy announced on his Instagram that he’s spent four of[…]

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Armando Iannucci Steps Down As ‘Veep’ Showrunner After Four Seasons | TV News

  Well-known satirist Armando Iannucci has decided to step down as the showrunner for HBO political satire show Veep. Armando says the decision is to do with balancing his private life in London, and working in the States, also he feels that as a comedy writer, he has now dealt with both American and British politics. He was referring to[…]

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Money Dispute Causes David Lynch To Walk Away From ‘Twin Peaks’ Reboot | TV News

  Director and writer of Twin Peaks, David Lynch, has decided he will not be directing the reboot due to a financial situation. He has claimed that this is because the television network Showtime has failed to offer him enough money, to be able to give all nine new episodes penned by Lynch justice, and this decision has come after[…]

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Diddy Working On ‘South Park’ Inspired Cartoon Series With ‘King of The Hill’ Writer | TV News

  Sean Combs otherwise known as Diddy, has a new project in the works, which is a comedy that has been inspired by South Park, called Brightmoor. The comedy is centred on African American students living in Detroit. It is going to be written with Chip Hall, who is known for the comedy King of the Hill and the Detroit[…]

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