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98 Degrees’ Nick Lachey Gets New Reality Show With Brother Drew | TV News

  Nick Lachey and his brother Drew are set to star in a new reality show. The TV show will consist of ten 30-minute episodes, and will be called Lachey’s Bar. The brothers used to be part of the pop boy band 98 Degrees in the 90s. Cameras will follow the men as they open a bar in their hometown.[…]

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Claire Danes Is Cunning In Teaser Trailer For ‘Homeland’ Season Four | TV Trailer

  Claire Danes plays the cunning Carrie Mathison in the dramatic new trailer for season four of Homeland. In the trailer, agent Mathison shows her emotional side as she is accused of putting her career before her child. Brody’s life ended tragically at the end of season three leaving Mathison to raise their child alone. She has been an assignment[…]

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Nick Frost And Simon Pegg Reunite For TV Animation ‘Phineas And Ferb’ | TV News

  Shaun of the Dead co-stars Nick Frost and Simon Pegg will reprise their roles from the comedy film for the animated TV show Phineas and Ferb. The actors will play the characters Ed and Shaun for the upcoming Halloween special. The animation follows Phineas and Herb who use their imaginations to build inventions. Their teenage sister Candace who regular witnesses[…]

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Watch Trailer For Beyoncé & Jay Z ‘On The Run’ Tour HBO Special | TV Trailer

  HBO has now released a brand new trailer for Beyoncé and Jay Z’s On the Run Tour which is set to premier on September 20th. Michael Lombardo, president of the network has announced that “this is a major musical event that belongs on HBO, it’s going to be a night to remember”. HBO were also responsible for the filming[…]

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New Trailer For ‘Community’ Season 6 Released | TV Trailer

  Having been cancelled on the 9th of May of this year by NBC, US TV series Community will be back for a sixth season and will be run on Yahoo’s streaming service – Yahoo! Screen – starting in 2015. The main cast are returning for the new season, as are executive producers Chris McKenna, Dan Harmon, and Russ Krasnoff.[…]

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