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Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Heavy Metal’ Remake May Head To TV | TV News

  Sin City creator Robert Rodriguez may now be developing the 1981 Canadian animation film Heavy Metal into a TV show. Rodriguez first mentioned the animation three years ago at a Comi-Con event. The animation will feature various fantasy and science fiction stories based on Heavy Metal Magazine, which the 1981 film was also based on.   The film will[…]

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HBO Unveils New Trailer For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Four | TV News

  Award-winning US TV show Game of Thrones has released yet another trailer to advertise their much anticipated season four premiere. The trailer titled ‘Secrets’ shows cast members in a state of confusion as they try and process recent events such as death. coming on the back of the last season of Game Of Thrones which saw a change in[…]

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Terry Crews Wants To Play Marvel’s ‘Luke Cage’ In Netflix Series | TV News

  US actor Terry Crews has volunteered himself to play the role of Marvel’s Luke Cage in an upcoming TV series on Netflix. Netflix recently gained the rights to broadcast the TV series but has not made any announcements on the actors they want to play the role. There have been previous discussions by fans on who they would like[…]

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Kiefer Sutherland Stars In New Teaser Trailer For ‘24: Live Another Day’ | TV Trailer

  Actor Kiefer Sutherland stars in the newly released trailer for the forthcoming new series of action TV show 24 to be aired on FOX. Sutherland is set to travel to the UK this weekend to film more scenes for 24: Live Another Day. The new 12-episode series will take place entirely in the UK, with the plot focusing on[…]

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‘Gravity’ Director Alfonso Cuaron Directs New NBC Series ‘Believe’ | TV News

  Oscar Award-winning director Alfonso Cuaron has teamed up with J.J Abrams to direct a new NBC show titled Believe. The new show is about a gifted girl Bo who has people rooted in evil pursuing her because of her gift, a wrongfully convicted inmate on death-row named Tate is given the task of protecting the girl. Believe will look[…]

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