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One Character On ‘The Simpsons’ Will Die In Season 26 Premiere | TV News

  It has been revealed that one character will die in the season 26 premiere of The Simpsons. The episode titled ‘Clown in the Dumps’ shows Homer in very bad condition, and will see a show regular meeting their untimely demise. However, apart from the title, no other information has been revealed about the character who will die in the[…]

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‘Doctor Who’ Season Eight To Premiere In Cinemas Worldwide | TV News

  The first episode of the highly anticipated TV series Doctor Who season eight is set to premiere in cinemas around the globe. The episode titled ‘Deep Breath’ will be available to watch in cinemas on the 23rd of August 2014. This is the same day that BBC One will broadcast the episode on their channel. Peter Capaldi who plays[…]

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‘Twilight’ Actor Taylor Lautner Stars In BBC Three’s ‘Cuckoo’ | TV Trailer

  Twilight actor Taylor Lautner stars in the trailer for BBC Three TV show Cuckoo. Lautner will be playing a leading role in the second series of the comedy show replacing actor Andy Samberg. The 30-second clip shows the young actor Lautner running along a road while providing viewers with his background story. Lautner is revealed to be Cuckoo’s son[…]

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Jessica Biel To Feature In Popular TV Show ‘New Girl’ | TV News

  Jessica Biel is set to feature in popular TV show New Girl. The actor will be involved in a storyline where she will go head-to-head with star of the show Zooey Deschanel. Biel’s character will be competing with Deschanel for a man’s affection. She will guest star in the first episode for season four as a genius scientist. In[…]

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Portia de Rossi To Star In Top Secret Arc On ‘Scandal’ Season 4 | TV News

  Ellen DeGeneres’ partner Portia de Rossi is set to star in season four of the popular drama ‘Scandal’ in a top secret Arc, with DeGeneres confirming the news via twitter. The ABC show has not revealed any details about Rossi’s character and the storyline. Rossi has previously starred in TV show Arrested Development on Netflix as Lindsay Funke. Scandal,[…]

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