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‘Skins’ Creator Bryan Elsley Says Show May Return Online | TV News

  Skins creator Bryan Elsley says the cult classic TV show that depicted troubled young adults in Britain may be making a comeback as an online series. He informed media that discussions have already begun about turning the popular E4 series into an online show. In the past, Skins has debuted a series online with new characters, to gauge the[…]

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Justin Theroux Stars In First Full Trailer For HBO Drama ‘The Leftovers’ | TV Trailer

  Justin Theroux stars in the full trailer for HBO show The Leftovers. The show is set in a world which sees 2% of its population randomly disappear, with the consequences proving dire for the remaining inhabitants. The trailer is vague in regards to the members of the population who disappeared but a group of people then appear in their[…]

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Classic Horror Film ‘Friday The 13th’ To Be Turned Into TV Show | TV News

  Classic horror film franchise, featuring gruesome character Jason Voorhees, Friday The 13th is reportedly being turned into a TV show. Sean S. Cunningham, who was at the helm for the original 1980 film, will return to serve as executive producer on the upcoming TV series, while Robert Barsamian returns as producer. The show will be set over varying time[…]

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Martin Freeman Reveals ‘Sherlock’ May Return For One-Off Special | TV News

  Martin Freeman has revealed that BBC drama Sherlock may return for a one off special. Freeman recently spoke to media company Cultbox where he revealed the information, however he is unsure of when production will begin. Further down the line, it has already been confirmed that the detective drama will return for two more seasons. It seems that all[…]

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Brian McFadden To Host New ITV Show ‘Who’s Doing The Dishes?’ | TV News

  Brian McFadden will be the host of new ITV show Who’s Doing the Dishes?. The daytime show will show four people who will go to different celebrity’s houses during the week, eat their food and then have to guess the name of the celebrity whose house they’re in. The celebrity host will entertain the guests and watch their reactions[…]

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