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CBS Studios Creating Yet Another CSI Spin-Off | TV News

  CBS will be airing a pilot episode for a new CSI spin-off TV show based on special cyber crime specialist agent called Avery Ryan living in Quantico, Virginia. CBS cancelled CSI: New York and CSI: Miami in 2012 but the mothership CSI series is now in its 14th season. This new CSI spin-off is inspired by Irish cyber-psychologist Mary[…]

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Romany Malco Lands Leading Role In Kevin Hart’s New Show | TV News

  Actor Romany Malco (Think Like A Man) has landed a leading role in comedic actor Kevin Hart’s new TV show which will be based on his life. The TV show has been compared to Chris Rock’s successful TV show Everybody Hates Chris which depicted his childhood until he left high school.   Kevin Hart’s show differs as it will[…]

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Netflix Releases ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season Two Teaser | TV Trailer

  The good people at Netflix have rewarded viewers who binge-watched the new episodes of Houses of Cards by releasing new information on the forthcoming season of Orange Is The New Black. It has been announced that all thirteen episodes of the second season of Orange Is The New Black will premiere on June 6, 2014, with Netflix subscribers able[…]

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Josh Hartnett & Eva Green Star In New US Series ‘Penny Dreadful’ | TV Trailer

  The people behind the Penny Dreadful TV series have released a brand new trailer to promote their upcoming season. The show synopsis is based around similar characters explored in the film The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen such as Dorian Gray and Dr. Frankenstein. It will feature both mystical and supernatural characters interacting with one another in this dark, very[…]

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Alyson Hannigan Stars In Ben Affleck & Matt Damon’s New CBS Show ‘More Time With Family’ | TV News

  Alyson Hannigan has won the leading role in a brand new TV show by long-term friends Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. The pair has been commissioned by CBS to create a pilot for their TV show titled More Time With Family which tells the story of an overworked husband who decides to change his career to spend more time[…]

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