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Alexis Bledel To Be Series Regular In Season 2 Of ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ | TV News

  Hulu has announced that Alexis Bledel will make more appearances in Season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale, as she has been upped to series regular. Bledel held only a guest starring role in the first season of the show, appearing alongside fellow Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss (who is also an executive producer) in the lead.   Prior to appearing[…]

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‘Judge Dredd’ TV Series Set To Be ‘Dark Fantasy’ | TV News

  The Judge Dredd: Mega-City One TV series that was announced about a month ago has a long way to go before actually taking shape and premiering probably around 2019, but that doesn’t stop Executive Producer Jason Kingsley from teasing some exciting aspects of the upcoming series.   He noted that Alex Garland‘s 2012 Dredd – already a cult hit[…]

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‘The Leftovers’ Showrunner Is In Talks With HBO For A ‘Watchmen’ Series | TV News

  Damon Lindelof has co-created two of this century’s most acclaimed and captivating TV shows, Lost and The Leftovers, so naturally he’s in high demand. His next potential project is due to be a huge one, as he’s in talks with HBO to develop a Watchmen TV series based on Alan Moore‘s iconic graphic novel.   HBO reportedly attempted to[…]

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‘Sherlock’ Duo Mark Gatiss And Steven Moffat To Write ‘Dracula’ TV Series | TV News

  The many fans of BBC television series Sherlock will be delighted to hear that the show’s co-creators and writers are working towards dramatising another British classic for the small screen.   Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss (the latter of whom also starred in the series) are reuniting to write a series of 90-minute films based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula.[…]

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Much-Anticipated ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Has Revealed Premiere Date | TV News

  Almost two years ago, there were celebration, enthusiasm and the beginning of a burning anticipation, not only among Trekkies, but also between sci-fi fans, as well as TV addicts at large. After its fairly recent, afresh and considerably successful, cinematic reset, and the somewhat inglorious demise of Enterprise back in 2005, Star Trek was to return on our TV[…]

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