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YouTube Gearing Up For New Unscripted Shows With Our Favourite Celebrities | TV News

  YouTube and television are coming together to bring you bigger and better with new unscripted shows from the likes of Kevin Hart and Ellen DeGeneres currently in the works. YouTube announced the plans at its Brandcast advertising event in New York yesterday.   DeGeneres is preparing a program that provides a behind the scenes look at her eponymous and[…]

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Swizz Beatz To Judge Auditions On ‘Show Me The Money’ Season 6 | TV News

  Show Me The Money is the biggest, most successful hip hop show in South Korea but how big is big?   During last year’s Season 5 auditions, rapper and producer Timbaland surprised pretty much everyone by appearing as a judge for the show’s Los Angeles auditions. For the upcoming 6th season, Swizz Beatz will be featuring as a judge[…]

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Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign Series In The Works? | TV News

  It’s been six months since Hillary Clinton suffered a stunning defeat at the presidential election and since, her failed campaign has become a best-selling book that might become a television series soon.   Shattered, written by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, topped the combined print and e-book New York Times bestseller list just last week and despite the disapproval[…]

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NBC Throws Out ‘Emerald City’ After One Season | TV News

  Goodbye yellow brick road! NBC’s Wizard of Oz adaptation series Emerald City is being scrapped after just one season, following the recent cancellation of the DC Universe comedy Powerless last month.   The series has a long and hectic history, starting with its straight-to-series pickup in 2013 and original 2015 premiere date. This draft spotlighted Josh Friedman as showrunner,[…]

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New ‘War Of The Worlds’ Adaptation Coming To BBC | TV News

  H.G. Wells‘ classic 1898 novel, War Of The Worlds, now often seems to be connected with the 2005 Steven Spielberg adaptation as opposed to any other adaptation. The contemporary setting – and 9/11 allusions – of the film updated it for a new audience, but the BBC is aiming to adapt the source material into a new three hour[…]

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