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Sam Raimi To Debut ‘The Evil Dead’ TV Series In 2015 | TV News

  Starz has confirmed that it has ordered a ten-episode series based on the cult classic horror franchise The Evil Dead titled Ash vs The Evil Dead. It has also be confirmed that Sam Raimi will be returning to direct the series and that Bruce Campbell will return as reluctant hero Ash. Sam Raimi will be teaming up with writers, Ivan[…]

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Critics Applaud Peter Capaldi For His Interpretation Of ‘Doctor Who’ | TV News

  “This has been a cracking series, with the show back to its darkly compelling best and Capaldi – clever, complex and unpredictably otherworldly – making the role truly his own“, said one TV critic after series number eight of ‘Doctor Who’ climaxed this past Saturday night. Peter Capadi was Doctor number 12 and one that will not be forgotten.[…]

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BBC Urged To Increase Arts Programming By Melvyn Bragg | TV News

  Melvyn Bragg begs the question, are the general public more engaged in the arts or football? It seems a wonderful 51% of the general public get their arty pants on in the UK, but Bragg still believes the arts is marginalized by the BBC. adding that “I do think the BBC could do more but I’ve always thought the[…]

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‘Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle’ Season 3 DVD Out On November 10 | TV News

  Following Stewart Lee’s TV stand up comedy performance for BBC Two earlier in March and April 2014, is the release of his DVD Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle 3 which is due out in stores on the 10th of November 2014. In his usual subdued and intellectual style, Lee bangs on about England and its state of affairs in the[…]

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Frankie Boyle And Nigel Farage Continue Feud On Twitter | TV News

  This past week has seen a Twitter row between comedian Frankie Boyle and UKIP leader Nigel Farage. The latest in their dispute involves Farage complaining about panel show left wing comedies being populist against his party, which is quite the contradiction considering his party use pseudo populism in order to gain popularity. He basically complains that his party is[…]

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