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BBC One Unveils New Drama And Comedy Offerings For 2015 | TV News

  BBC One controller Charlotte Moore has revealed a number of new programmes that are to air on the channel shortly. At the Edinburgh Television Festival, Moore revealed that she had commissioned a number of shows to add to BBC One’s comedy, documentary and drama offerings. The Living and The Dead is a new six-part fantasy drama that begins shooting[…]

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‘Minority Report’ TV Series Announced | TV News

  Steven Spielberg’s classic film Minority Report is now being adapted for the small screen by none other than Spielberg himself. The original film was set in the future where an organisation entitled the ‘PreCrime Unit’ was given knowledge of crimes that would happen in the near future thanks to a trio of ‘PreCogs’ who could envision such crimes. It[…]

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‘Gotham’ To Air On Channel 5 In The UK | TV News

  Gotham the show which focuses on the Batman villains in their younger days, will air on Channel 5 in the UK. Actor Ben McKenzie is the leading actor playing Gotham city’s Detective James Gordon. He starts out as a young detective and will eventually become the commissioner. The first episode begins with the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne,[…]

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Sky1 Acquires Rights To US Drama ‘Forever’ Starring Ioan Gruffudd | TV News

  Sky1 has picked up a new US drama titled Forever as to broadcast it in the UK. Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd stars as Dr Henry Morgan, a well-liked and successful medical examiner spending his time in New York. Henry’s fascination with studying the dead is also his secret – he is immortal and has not aged for 200 years.[…]

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A Tale of Two Cities? Netflix And Channel 4 May Be Teaming Up | TV News

  Netflix and Channel 4 are in talks to co-produce a television adaptation of one of Charles Dickens’ famous stories A Tale of Two Cities. Typically, Netflix usually order their own originals or buy them from others. However, it has now been predicted that the American provider of on-demand internet streaming media will continue co-producing as it launches in more[…]

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