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‘Underworld’ TV Series Gets The Green Light | TV News

  Good news for Underworld fans as Len Wiseman, Underworld director, announces there’ll be multiple Underworld projects in the future, including a television series. Promoting the Sleepy Hollow TV show at Comic-Con, Wiseman told IGN; “there’s a few things being developed right now and there’s some characters that we really like.  There’s kind of more of a spin-off of some of[…]

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John Cleese Says Modern TV Comedy Is Underwhelming | TV News

  Comedy legend and Monty Python star John Cleese has revealed his disappointment in modern television comedy this week at the Cheltenham Literature Film Festival whilst promoting his new memoir So, Anyway. Cleese said, “when you have been doing comedy for as long as me, you really know most of the jokes“. As much as he has shown admiration for[…]

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Jim Carrey To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ On October 25 | TV News

  Oh yes, the rumours are true! The excitable, mad and hyperactive Jim Carrey has just been booked by Saturday Night Live (SNL) to return as host. Bill Hader officially confirmed it on the latest episode of SNL. This will be the third time for Carrey on the SNL stage, with previous performances in 1996 and 2011, and he will[…]

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The Guardians of the Galaxy film snapshot

‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ To Return As Animated Series | TV News

  Get your Walkman and Awesome Mix Volume 1 & 2 at the ready as Star Lord, Rocket Racoon, Groot, Gamora and Drax the Destroyer will be returning in 2015 for an animated TV series of Guardians of the Galaxy. The news was broken this week at the New York Comic Con by the Marvel Team and Disney XD. Marc[…]

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‘Dredd’ To Return In Seven-Part Mini Series | TV News

  After the release of the 2012 Dredd movie, wider audiences didn’t go wild over Karl Urban’s take on Judge Dredd, but did gain a cult following of loyal fans that were desperate for more. Although encouragement from Urban and other cast members got their hopes up for a sequel, nothing yet has come about. However, fan’s prayers have been[…]

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