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Nick Frost And Simon Pegg Reunite For TV Animation ‘Phineas And Ferb’ | TV News

  Shaun of the Dead co-stars Nick Frost and Simon Pegg will reprise their roles from the comedy film for the animated TV show Phineas and Ferb. The actors will play the characters Ed and Shaun for the upcoming Halloween special. The animation follows Phineas and Herb who use their imaginations to build inventions. Their teenage sister Candace who regular witnesses[…]

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The Voice Of Popular TV Character Lisa Simpson To Star In ‘Revenge’ Season Four | TV News

  Yeardley Smith, the voice actor of the popular cartoon character Lisa Simpson is set to appear in season four of the TV series Revenge. The actor will be moving from behind the camera to the front of it for the ABC drama. Smith will play the role of Phyllis who is a patient at the mental institute, where Victoria[…]

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New Casting Rumours Surround ‘Doctor Who’ 2014 Christmas Special | TV News

  No show on television relies on its casting more than Doctor Who. We haven’t even seen the latest incarnation, a fantastic Peter Capaldi, on our screens yet and rumors persist that the 2014 Christmas special will see the exit of companion Clara Oswald, played by Jenna Coleman. Coleman joined during Matt Smith’s tenure as Doctor number eleven and took[…]

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Bill Cosby Stand-Up Comedy Special To Air On Netflix | TV News

  Veteran comedian Bill Cosby’s stand up show titled Bill Cosby 77 is set to air on Netflix. The comedian recently filmed the hour-long special to celebrate his 77th birthday, which was filmed on his birthday on the 17th of July of this year. The special will be available to watch on the website from Friday 28th of November 2014[…]

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‘Veronica Mars’ Spin-off ‘Play It Again, Dick’ Now In Production | TV News

  The popular TV series Veronica Mars has a spinoff show currently in production. The creator of the show Rob Thomas announced the show will be made as early as January. The spin-off show will see show regular Ryan Hansen who played the role of Dick Casablancas who starred on Veronica Mars. The show will be called Play It Again,[…]

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