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Haunting ‘Top Of The Lake: China Girl’ Trailer Arrives | TV Trailer

  Top Of The Lake was a sleeper hit, blossoming out of nowhere on SundanceTV before reaching a global audience after airing on the BBC. Created by Jane Campion, the first season was a slow-burning, quietly ominous gaze into the darker side of New Zealand. Now, a trailer for the second season, titled China Girl, has arrived.   This series[…]

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Netflix Releases New Trailer For ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season Five | TV Trailer

  Netflix have released a new trailer for season five of Orange is the New Black and revolution is in the air.   The trailer focuses on the aftermath of that prison riot and the cliffhanger of season four which saw Daya (played by Dascha Polanco) point a gun at that guard.   It also shows the inmates pushing for[…]

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Teaser For Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ Finally Lands | TV Trailer

  After dropping many hints, Marvel have finally released a teaser for Inhumans.   In the teaser, the logo for the show slowly starts to appear as we hear talk of treason and freedom. Leading us to become increasingly intrigued and excited at the same time.   Inhumans is set to star Anson Mount as Black Bolt, Iwan Rheon as[…]

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Netflix’s ‘The Defenders’ Trailer Finally Debuts | TV Trailer

  Netflix, in their relatively brief existence in the world of original programming, have already altered the shape of television as we know it. The next stage may have just arrived.   The trailer for the highly anticipated team up of the lead heroes from Netflix’s Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist, The Defenders, has landed. And with[…]

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First Trailer For New TV Adaptation Of Stephen King’s ‘The Mist’ | TV Trailer

  Film-to-TV adaptations seem to be the only new shows arriving at the moment. Networks like safe, recognisable stories with a built-in audience already established, who knew? Perhaps less well known is the short story-to-film-to-TV adaptation, which is the route Spike have taken with their new series, The Mist.   The story is based off Stephen King‘s novella, and was[…]

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