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‘Alexa & Katie’ Shows Us What Real Friendship Looks Like | TV Trailer

  Netflix releases show after show but this one seems quite different. Now they have dropped the trailer for their new show, Alexa & Katie. With this one, they go in the other direction than previous shows like Lost in Space or Altered Carbon. You won’t see any sci-fi here just real life being as cruel as it can be.[…]

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‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Seems To Get Even Darker | TV Trailer

  In addition to the marches on International Women’s Day, Hulu had a special gift for all fans of The Handmaid’s Tale. They released the first trailer and a poster for the second season. After the enormous success of the first season, they really had to put some effort in the next one. And if the trailer shows one thing,[…]

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New ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Trailer Released by Netflix | TV Trailer

  Netflix has many original shows, for example Riverdale or Stranger Things. Now a fan favourite that isn’t quite like the others now has a trailer for the next season. Santa Clarita Diet is a horror comedy show that isn’t your typical zombie show. But I think we can’t complain about it because this show is pretty hilarious if you[…]

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The ‘Lost In Space’ Trailer Leaves Us Excited | TV Trailer

  Not everything that is old has to be bad, right? If 2018 tries to prove us something then it is that! There are reboots and homages coming from everywhere and Netflix is also taking part in it. At the moment, the newest reboot seems to be of the 1960s show Lost In Space. And now they released a new[…]

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First Trailer For The Last Season Of ‘House of Cards’ Released | TV Trailer

  Netflix just released the first trailer for the sixth and last season of House of Cards. After the incidences regarding Kevin Spacey, it wasn’t sure what would happen with the series. But Netflix knew that they couldn’t just cut off such a huge fan magnet. So they will give the fans one last season without Kevin Spacey iconic figure,[…]

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