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HBO Announces Premiere Date For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 | TV Trailer

  After months of anticipation, speculation and a whole lot more, HBO has finally announced the exact date that Game of Thrones will return.   It’s been revealed, before the premiere of True Detective Season 3, that the Emmy Award-winning drama will begin its final season on April 14. It’s expected that Sky Atlantic will simulcast and broadcast the premiere[…]

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First Teaser For Netflix’s New Superhero Series ‘The Umbrella Academy’ | TV Trailer

  They might have recently pulled the plug on their Marvel superhero universe, but with practically unlimited funds at their disposal, Netflix always has a plan B. In the wake of the cancellation of Daredevil and co., the streaming giant has unveiled the first teaser trailer for their new superhero series, The Umbrella Academy.   Based on the Dark Horse[…]

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Will Return In April 2019 For The Final Showdown | TV Trailer

  The Game Of Thrones teaser trailer for season 8 has been revealed, and apparently there’s more than meets the eye. As the trailer starts, you’ll notice the ice, i.e. the army of White Walkers, travels south towards Winterfell on Daenerys’s Dragonstone Battle Board.   Concerning the release date of season 8, no official date has been picked, but we[…]

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‘The Innocent Man’ And The Fickleness Of Forensic Science Before 1998 | TV Trailer

  After the success of Netflix’s Making a Murderer, new series The Innocent Man will excite true crime enthusiasts to new levels. With wrongly accused men, death sentences and unreliable DNA testing, The Innocent Man series will surely make you wonder what it’d be like to walk in the shoes of two particular men, one of whom wasted over a[…]

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BBC Releases Trailer For Upcoming ‘Les Miserables’ Series Starring Lily Collins | TV Trailer

  Following Les Miserables’ Film success back in 2012, the BBC have released a new trailer for an upcoming drama series of the same name, starring Lily Collins. The drama will broadcast in 2019.   In some aspects, the “Epic 6 part drama” is drastically different to the film we know, due to the lack of continuous singing, though for[…]

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