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’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2 Release Date Announced | TV Trailer

  It was probably one of the biggest hits last year for Netflix. 13 Reasons Why was everywhere but there weren’t just good things about it. Even though it being pretty controversial, Netflix announced last year that there will be another season of their show. For the fans it’s great news as they have now announced that it will come[…]

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Danger Seems To Be Everywhere In ‘Sharp Objects’ | TV Trailer

  As if the premiere of the second season of Westworld wasn’t crazy and creepy enough, HBO had to drop a new teaser trailer for their upcoming mini-series. Adapted from the book from Gillian Flynn who also wrote Gone Girl, the series Sharp Objects will be one of the next shows to feature on the HBO network.   The limited[…]

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Don’t Trust Your Eyes In ‘The Innocents’ | TV Trailer

  ‘Coming of Age’ is complicated, young love is complicated. It seems that this isn’t complicated enough for Netflix if you watch the first full-length trailer for their upcoming TV series The Innocents. They had to throw in the supernatural aspect but you can’t be really mad about it. At least it seems cool.   The eight-episode series centers on[…]

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Penn Badgley Turns Into A Creppy Stalker In ‘You’ | TV Trailer

  What would ‘Gossip Girl’ have said if she could see Dan Humphrey, I mean Penn Badgley, in his new role in Lifetime’s You? It seems like the former Lonely Boy now has a serious problem with stalking his special someone. The trailer starts so romantically but that goes downhill pretty quickly you could say.   His role marks his[…]

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‘Westworld’ Seems To Get Even More Twisted In Season 2 | TV Trailer

  Two years have passed since the first season of Westworld aired on HBO. The show is based on the film of the same name by Michael Crichton and tells the story of a theme park. Everything there is run by ‘hosts’ – an artificial intelligence that believe they are humans. But as time passes they become self-aware and don’t[…]

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