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A 1970’s Don Draper Stars In New Teaser For ‘Mad Men’ Final Episodes | TV Trailer

  With just seven episodes left to go, Mad Men returns to US screens in a couple of months and it’s bringing the 70’s with it. There’s a new teaser out, highlighting the run up to the last few episodes and sees our favourite character transported to the 1970’s in the most stylish of manners. Creator Matthew Vaughn found huge[…]

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Watch New Teaser For Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ Season Three | TV Trailer

  Things are feeling a little tense in the new teaser for Netflix‘s third season of House of Cards. The show focuses on Kevin Spacey‘s character Congressman Francis Underwood who, alongside his crafty wife (Robin Wright), works his way up the political food chain, while taking revenge on those who’ve wronged him. Gaining a huge fan following, the anticipation for[…]

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New Trailer For Netflix Series ‘Bloodline’ | TV Trailer

  Knocking out series like Orange is The New Black and House of Cards, Netflix are doing their best to take over the world of television streaming by mixing easily accessible shows with brilliant drama and comedy. They’re hoping to get this mix just right again with their next original series, Bloodline. Focusing on a contemporary American family, the Rayburns,[…]

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Official Trailer For ‘Game Of Thrones: Season 5’ Is Here | TV Trailer

  With IMAX screenings showing the last two episodes of season four Game Of Thrones, the epic HBO series’ season five trailer is out and it’s amazing! The trailer is jam packed with new shots of all our favourite character, some serious action, seducing at its best and a pretty scary dragon! Tyrion is back after spending a undisclosed time[…]

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Watch Trailer For ‘House of Cards’ Season 3 | TV Trailer

  House of Cards is back with series 3 – the stakes are rising but there is only one option for Frank and Claire Underwood, and that is “to fight and stay on top“. The TV show follows Francis Underwood, who is a U.S. Rep for South Carolina who begins as a corrupt and ruthless politician seeking revenge. The trailer[…]

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