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Adrien Brody Is ‘Houdini’ In History Channel Miniseries | TV Trailer

  Academy Award winner Adrien Brody plays the legendary magician Houdini in the new TV trailer that has arrived online. He plays the illusionist in a new miniseries set to air on the History channel. It will show Houdini’s rise to fame while also looking at his personal life. Harry Houdini became a world famous magician due to the high[…]

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The Simpsons x Family Guy Crossover Episode Debuts 5-Minute Trailer | TV Trailer

  The Simpsons/Family Guy crossover trailer which premiered at Comi-Con has finally been made available online. The 5-minute trailer shows the Griffin family randomly finding themselves in Springfield, with the ‘Simpson’ characters poking fun at Peter and his family. The comedy gags are controversial due to the presence of the ‘Family Guy’ characters – Homer and Peter bond over food[…]

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‘Arrow’ Season Three Makes Mark With 3-Minute Preview | TV Trailer

  The preview trailer for Arrow season three has debuted online. The TV show has come back with more action. In the teaser trailer, Arrow is shown exploding a car and there are a lot of fast-paced, high energy clips throughout. Interesting new characters introduce themselves in the trailer. Half-way through, there are some touching moments with Arrow’s alter-ego Oliver[…]

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‘Twilight’ Actor Taylor Lautner Stars In BBC Three’s ‘Cuckoo’ | TV Trailer

  Twilight actor Taylor Lautner stars in the trailer for BBC Three TV show Cuckoo. Lautner will be playing a leading role in the second series of the comedy show replacing actor Andy Samberg. The 30-second clip shows the young actor Lautner running along a road while providing viewers with his background story. Lautner is revealed to be Cuckoo’s son[…]

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Watch Trailer For ‘Homeland’ Season Four Featuring Claire Danes | TV Trailer

  Claire Danes is the focus of the new trailer for season four of the TV series Homeland. Carrie Matheson – played by Danes – who was promoted to CIA Head of Station in Istanbul in the last series, is sent on a new mission in the Middle East, the trailer shows her in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Six months has[…]

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