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Cherri V – Things You Do | New Music

Conversations About Her

Cherri V – Things You Do | New Music


British songstress Cherri V has just unveiled her new single titled “Things You Do” which is third single from her forthcoming album titled Brown Eyed Soul. The soul artist explains that the new single is a: “fun-loving track about love, attraction and the highs that come with that”.


She also speaks about how she came up with the single, and the inspiration for the single, saying “´Things You Do´ was written on a summers day, and it captures the relationship between being drunk and being in love… I always call myself a lightweight when it comes to alcohol so it only takes a triple to get me going, and in relation to being in love, it´s the smallest things that excite me – good company and good vibrations”.


The new single was produced by Joey Sticks, who Cherri V has collaborated with previously, on her last single “Leave Me Be”. The new song is filled with resounding R&B/Pop sensibilities and brings out Cherri V´s amazing voice. Cherri V’s long-awaited debut album Brown Eyed Soul will also soon be released in 2018. Listen to “Things You Do” below.




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