Childish Gambino + Heems – Tell Me | Music Video – Conversations About Her

Childish Gambino + Heems – Tell Me | Music Video

Conversations About Her

Childish Gambino + Heems – Tell Me | Music Video

LAS VEGAS, NV - OCTOBER 26:  Rapper Childish Gambino attends day 1 of the Life Is Beautiful Festival on October 26, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by FilmMagic/FilmMagic)


Entertainment genius and jack of all trades Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino always has a surprise ready for us. Whether this is announcing a stand-up comedy tour, writing for a television show, starring in a Ridley Scott epic or dropping one hell of a mixtape, Gambino never ceases to amaze his admirers.


Gambino’s most recent revelation to us all is an unreleased music video from 3 years ago, which has only just surfaced now. This mystery is simply… what took it so long? Rapper Heems from Das Racist, collaborated with Gambino on his mixtape Wild Water Kingdom, compiling multiple tracks including “Tell Me”.


Although the track was eventually released in Heems name, originally when the video was shot, the song was Gambino’s and it was untitled at the time. On his recent appearance on Conan, Gambino jokingly admits that taking the drastic step of deserting his television career to pursue music was a risky move in theory, but resulted in a positive outcome. “I think it was a bad decision, but I didn’t know it. So it worked out great”. The video below proves this certainly did work out great.




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