Chloe Castro - Kerbside | New Music - Conversations About Her

Chloe Castro – Kerbside | New Music

Conversations About Her

Chloe Castro – Kerbside | New Music


21-year old singer Chloe Castro has just released her debut single “Kerbside”. Chloe’s music is a blend of Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop and R&B which, combined with her powerful vocals, brings out her unique sound and the story that she is telling through her music.


Before half Brazilian Chloe appeared on the hugely popular British television talent show The Voice (2016) she performed on the streets of her hometown, Durham. During the show, Chloe was tipped as one of the favourites to win but unfortunately she had to leave the show unexpectedly due to decline in her mental health.


After her recovering of her mental health she went to work with London producer Jake Karno on her first EP, and she is now able to call herself a solo artist with her new track. “Kerbside” was released on December 1, and is available to stream for free on her own page here


Listen to Chloe Castro’s new single “Kerbside” below.




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My name is Natasha, I am studying Performance Design and Business Studies in Denmark. I love music and I use a lot of time to even find new urban music that is different compared to the average. I have been travelling a lot the last couple of years and loves to explore new cultural places and grew my horizon and knowledge about the world. My motto in life is: Always find the things that makes you happy and explore the world you live in. Because there are so many surprises that you would never have guessed existed.

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