Coen Brothers’ Western Anthology Series Heads To Netflix | TV News

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Coen Brothers’ Western Anthology Series Heads To Netflix | TV News


Netflix continues to attract the biggest directors around. While production has already begun on the Coen Brothers‘ first foray into television with The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs, Netflix have scooped up the high profile series and will now be its home.


Netflix sent out a press release confirming their acquisition, which will feature “six tales about the American frontier told through the unique and incomparable voice of Joel and Ethan Coen.


The six stories are the titular Ballad Of Buster Scruggs, which follows a singing cowboy, Near Algodones revolves around a high-plains drifter attempting a bank robbery, with Meal Ticket focusing on an actor and impresario of a traveling show.


All Gold Canyon is about a prospector discovering gold, The Gal Who Got Rattled follows two trail bosses on the Oregon Trail, while The Mortal Remains is set on a stagecoach travelling to a mysterious destination and five very disparate passengers within it.


It’s no surprise Netflix was able to woo the Coens, as they’ve already been home to high profile directors such as David Fincher, the Wachowski Sisters, Bong Joon-Ho and Baz Luhrmann. What it should allow the brothers to do is make each instalment in the anthology as long as they like, since they’ll be outside the confines of advertising and time slots.


Which means we could end up seeing something that is closer to six feature films from the director brothers, which would be very exciting. Not much else is known about the series, with only Tim Blake Nelson the only confirmed cast member.


What we do know is that Netflix plans to release the series sometime in 2018. They will surely scoop up the last remaining unsubscribed Coen Brothers fans with this announcement.



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