Coldplay To Potentially Release Next Album In December | Music News

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Coldplay To Potentially Release Next Album In December | Music News



Ok, this may be a clever stretch based on evidence… but still an unofficial stretch with so much hope nonetheless. So don’t get carried away of this all goes down the plug hole as this is hardly detective work. Are Coldplay releasing their next album, A Head Full Of Dreams on December 4th? The reason I say this is because a poster was recently plastered onto a wall in London presenting a artwork collection of spiralling colourful circles, with the date printed below “December 4”.


The reason everyone is going crazy over this anonymous photo is because the Flower of Life diagram matches the logo on a t-shirt Chris Martin wore at the Global Citizen Festival recently. Some believe this to be a coincidence, whereas others believe this is solid proof that this legendary rock band are about to give us one fantastic Christmas present.


Examine the photos below to help make your own mind up:






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