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Crywolf – Akureyri | New Music

Conversations About Her

Crywolf – Akureyri | New Music



The lone wolf who once lived within the electronic music sphere has broken out with flying colours as his search for creativity and individualism has produced some fantastic results, this new single “Akureyri” proving his journey’s worth. Crywolf bravely took escapism to a whole new level and excluded himself in a small Icelandic village creating a concept album. In his documentary series following this experience, he comments on the struggle:


“Of all the difficulties facing artists, sustaining creativity seems to be the hardest. Inspiration comes and goes with the wind, seemingly out of nowhere”.


Nevertheless, he has successfully created art, with this inspiring synth heavy ballad working harmoniously alongside his soft yet powerful vocals.


The song was inspired by a series of dreams Justin Phillips had in which an ex-girlfriend slowly faded away. While he tried to grasp onto her, “she was willingly going with it.” Phillips tells Consequence of Sound the dream gave him, “The gut wrenching feeling of loss, along with the tranquility that comes from finally accepting it. That was the strangest part about it – the juxtaposition of such disparate feelings. The day I wrote this song, I woke up with that feeling thick on my mind, and I knew I had to get it out.”


You can listen to Crywolf’s third single “Akureyri” below, which is off his debut album Cataclasm coming out in November:




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